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Gerry Adams’ violent career shouldn’t be trivialised

On February 12 2013, Gerry Adams posted the following tweet: “In Dáil chamber. Thought I had a pen in my pocket. Discovered it is s toothbrush! Silly me!!!” It is difficult to imagine the same man once operating as Chief


Government model to grant STEM courses more funding

This framework is the first major review of funding allocation in higher education in over a decade.

Minister for Education and Skills Richard Bruton and Minister for Higher Education Mary Mitchell O’Connor released both the review for the Allocation Model for Funding Higher Education Institutions and the Higher Education System Performance Framework for 2018-2020 yesterday, January 16.


Left behind

Sinead Barry comments on the hundred years of failings in Left-wing Irish politics

In the 1918 Irish General Election, the election of the first Dáil, the Labour party abstained from running so that the people of Ireland would have a clear choice between the two most important strands of political thought of the …


Quest for the best: Slices of Dublin

On a journey into the the cheesy, the crusty and the cheap, any resolutions to eat healthily are set to one side as Sinéad Barry sets out to find the best pizza Dublin has to offer



Honest to Goodness

My quest to find the greatest pizza in Dublin began in Honest to Goodness, tucked away on Dame Avenue. The peaceful seclusion means you can almost walk right by without noticing it’s even there. This bright and


“Speak Me I’m Irish”: oíche chultúir agus teanga i Seomra na Gaeilge

Aréir chuaigh Sinéad de Barra chug ócáid sár-speisialta leis an gCumann Gaelach, DUISS agus S2S


“Bhí iarrachtaí cróga uaisle ag teacht ón ngrúpa agus iad ag iarraidh ainmneacha ar nós “Tadhg” agus “Róisín” a rá. Gan amhras, bhí gach duine ag gáire tar éis tamaillín. “

Ag a seacht ó chlog Dé Máirt bhailigh slua

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Fresh to the Cobblestones: Trinity Space Society

Dedicated, fresh, and out of this world, Trinity’s new society Trinity Space Society (TSS) reveals the story of their formation and their hopes for the future in an interview with Stephen Ennis, the society’s chairperson


“For a long time,” Stephen Ennis admits, “I believed that Space was something for genius minds in Pasadena [NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory]. I never believed us humble Irish could play a part.” With the work of space-oriented companies such as