Arts & Culture

Reality becomes science-fiction at IMMA

Sionainn Fee reviews The Otolith Group’s first large-scale exhibition, Xenogenesis, currently on a world tour

The Otolith Group is an artist collective founded in London in 2002 by Anjalika Sagar and Kodwo Eshun, which focuses on the planet and human experience, explored through filmatic practices. Their first large-scale museum exhibition, Xenogenesis, developed in Eindhoven and

Student Living

Hidden gems and familiar favourites: Trinity Ents committee’s guide to a great night out

Sionainn Fee talks to Trinity Ents about their favourite night-time hotspots, from pubs and restaurants to sunset swims

For those who made it through dry January congratulations. For the rest of us seeking a break from the Workman’s smoking area, standing outside Grogan’s, secret Fred Again sets at Doyle’s, Pav Fridays, the Pav post-lecture (and pre-lecture), here