Playing on the right-wing

With sport so easily politicised, we must pay closer attention to its relationship with fascism

In 2010, social commentator and lecturer Terry Eagleton called for football to be abolished on the grounds that it was a political tool to distract the masses from the effects of capitalism. Manipulative and distracting, it was impeding the chances


Provost Patrick Prendergast to visit Israel

The visit is intended to “deepen engagement in the region”

Provost Patrick Prendergast will visit Israel next month as part of official College engagements, in order to “deepen engagement in the region”. Prendergast, who has been an outspoken supporter of academic links with Israeli universities, is set to meet with


Editorial: Direct action is the best way to challenge College

We should not be embarrassed from drawing parallels between previous movements and the current revival, ultimately we were all raised in periods of economic decline with considerable uncertainty about what our futures would hold

After years of quiet discontent, students are starting to evoke the passion and conviction of activists past, and the timing could not be more fitting.

On March 9, Trinity College Dublin students made a dent in the college’s commercial revenue


A terrible state o’ chassis

An investigation into the rise of substandard student accommodation.

With Dublin’s traditional commuter towns of Ashbourne and Greystones recently being declared “pressure zones” due to an increase in rents across the board, student accommodation is increasingly difficult to find for students on a tight budget. The most affected are


Conflicting interests on the road to sanctuary

When will Trinity College become a University of Sanctuary, improving the accessibility of third-level education for refugees?

The state exams have come to an end. Teenagers wander as they await results day, the day that will decide how they spend the next three or four years. Regardless of the outcome, for most of them it is one


What I’m really thinking: A working class student from the country

Stacey Wrenn writes about her experience dealing with privilege on Campus

When I was in Montessori school, my teacher sold me the “Disney” line that I could be whatever I wanted to be and I believed her. I went home and did some digging in the back garden with my dad

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Women in the workplace

Una Power, Nadia Reeves Long and Vickey Curtis discuss gender quotas, female participation and gender bias in the workplace at an event co-hosted by two Trinity students

International Women’s Week continued with its slogan #BeBoldForChange with an event co-hosted by two individual students, Aislinn Brennan and Estelle Reeves Long, breaking the trend of a society-dominated week. More of an informal panel discussion in comparison to other events,


SU Presidential Race: Interview with Kevin Keane

Deputy chair of the Lobby Group and SUAS president Kevin Keane wants to give as much power to students as possible by introducing an “Empowerment Week”


As Deputy Chair of the Lobby Group and president of SUAS Trinity, SS Law Student Kevin Keane puts the concept of College as a community in itself at the forefront of his campaign. “College has given me a lot and