A tour of the classical world

DU Classical Society takes a tour of the National Art Gallery discussing eight paintings in an accessible and easy manner

It was a Friday afternoon and DU Classical Society had provided an opportunity to further procrastinate studying with a classical art tour at the National Gallery. For anyone concerned with their little knowledge of art, this worry was quickly dispelled

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The life of a student insomniac

How does insomnia manifest itself, and how does it impact the day to day life of a student?

It is 4am as I am writing this. Most people have drifted into a sweet slumber but being a nocturnal creature means I am wide-eyed and very much awake. For most people, when they hear the word insomnia they think

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Fresh to the Cobblestones: AgSoc

Trinity Life finds out more about the newly founded AgSoc, the answer to all of your agricultural needs



As a culchie with a heart longing for the sweet scent of silage and the bleating sound of sheep, my heart soared at the announcement of Trinity’s newest society the AgSoc! The arrival of this new society was a