An “outdoor summer” is meaningless without access to public spaces

The combination of over-policing and a lack of public facilities has made for a poor start to the government’s “outdoor summer.”

In the past week, Dublin has been decorated with new, bright posters of young people extolling the virtues of an “outdoor summer”. Yet, if the controversy during the last week has shown us anything, it is that the very idea


Irish citizens living outside of the Republic should be allowed to vote

Irish citizens living abroad are refused the right to vote in Irish elections. This needs to change.

While many nations around the world can claim to be countries of immigrants, Ireland can somewhat uniquely also claim to be one of emigrants, and on account of our unique historical relationship with migration, huge numbers of Irishmen and women


We should embrace the possibility of Scottish independence

Scottish independence could be hugely influential on the formation of a United Ireland, writes Fionnán Uíbh Eachach

Promised a “devolution revolution” by Prime Minister David Cameron following the failed 2014 Scottish independence referendum, Scotland now finds itself at the whim of a Westminster government that has little interest in hearing its concerns. Much like Ireland a century …