Trinity students supporting their peers amid violent riots offers hope in a time of hate

Rather than predetermined protocol, the response to Thursday’s events in Dublin was driven by instinct and empathy

When violent riots brought public transport to a standstill, and prompted a strict lockdown of all entrances to College, ordinary students and students’ union officers worked through the night to provide food and beds for students who were left on


Budget 2024 won’t buy students’ ballots in 2025

Despite the hefty sum of Budget 2024, the brown envelopes handed to students this year are unlikely to send them racing to the ballot box to reelect this government

Beyond looking after the wellbeing of its citizens, a government budget is a democracy’s acceptable attempt to buy votes. Much like your grandparents will vote for the TD who fixed the pothole on their road, larger demographics across society might


Editorial: Protest is at its most effective when it is as consistent as it is disruptive

The recent Book of Kells blockade indicates a return to direct action, however this action will only be effective in enacting change if it is consistently disruptive

Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) recently organised a blockade of the Book of Kells in protest of College raising the rent by the maximum legal amount. The day-long protest saw College lose thousands of euros through refunds to tourists


Editorial: Staggered term starts disadvantage all students – but government isn’t solely to blame

Rather than taking rhetorical aim at government, universities should consider their own role in the consistently late start for first year students

For the fourth consecutive year, the first edition of this paper has been published before a quarter of the undergraduate population has set foot on campus. The first cohort of students to experience a delayed start to their first year


Editorial: The Trinity News Constitution: no elected position should be non-removable

Last week, Trinity News voted on its first constitution, passing with a 100% majority

As of last week, Trinity News has passed its first constitution, which outlines the rules and regulations for staff. Staff outlined in the constitution refers to editorial staff: our copyeditors, section staff, multimedia staff, senior staff and the editor themselves


Eleven candidates to contest TCDSU Elections

Three candidates are to contest to the presidential election, while three races remain uncontested

Eleven candidates are to contest this year’s Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) elections. Three of the six races are uncontested, with only one candidate running.

The list was announced this evening on the steps of House 6 by Chair