Editorial: Direct action is no longer a radical notion

That students of all political persuasions have coalesced around the effectiveness of disruptive protest bodes well for the future

At the final Council of his term as president last week, László Molnárfi proclaimed the successes of a year in which “the student movement woke up at the 11th hour”: “Students realised that we don’t have to lay there and …


Photos: Circus Soc stage stunning fire display in Front Square

The society used the performance to call for a permanent ceasefire in Palestine and to call out College for its “complicit” silence

Trinity’s Circus Society yesterday held a stunning fire performance in Front Square, showcasing skills with torches, fire staffs, and a burning rope dart.

The society dedicated the show to calls for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza, and called on College …


In photos: Indian Society celebrates Holi in Front Square

Students celebrated the “festival of colours” in traditional fashion by covering each other in brightly coloured powder

Trinity Indian Society celebrated Holi, the Hindu festival of colours, in Front Square yesterday, dancing and covering each other with brightly coloured powders.⁠

Holi marks the arrival of spring in India, Nepal and other South Asian countries as well as …


Editorial: The SU president’s undemocratic actions go against everything he has built his platform on

Despite previously railing against the union for being too narrow in its political dialogues, Molnárfi has shown himself to be unreceptive to any view that contradicts his own

László Molnárfi’s rise to the presidency of TCDSU was a compelling underdog story. An energetic outsider rose from constant derision from members of Council to a landslide election victory in the space of a couple of years. He entered office


The government’s treatment of asylum seekers has been a shameful stain on St Patrick’s Day celebrations

Instead of providing emergency accommodation, the government decided that their top priority was ensuring that Paddy’s Day celebrations were not impacted by refugees on the streets

Early on St Patrick’s Day morning, Irish drag queen, activist and business owner Panti Bliss posted: “I came to London yesterday because in a few hours I’m the Grand Marshal of the London St Patrick’s Day Parade. And I’m honoured


Editorial: The student union needs to reassess what successful engagement means

Buzzwords: ‘Engagement’ is the ‘neoliberal’ of the 2024 TCDSU election season

Another election season is upon us, with a handful of candidates promising to deliver for students and build upon, improve or completely reform what previous unions have done. Among the most prevalent campaign promises is that of engagement – several


Candidates promise “in-person” engagement with first years at Halls hustings

Engagement remained the most prevalent topic for campaigning at the hustings in Trinity Hall

Several candidates emphasised in-person engagement with first years at Halls hustings this evening. 

The hustings in Trinity Hall (Halls) this evening allowed Junior Common Room (JCR) officers the opportunity to ask sabbatical hopefuls how they plan to represent first years.


Media hustings: Comms candidate Dempsey emphasises union experience while opponent Strahan makes the case for a “fresh face”

The political nature of the union and engagement remained an enduring issue at media hustings today

Communication and marketing candidates Connor Dempsey and Beth Strahan offered different perspectives of what the sabbatical role should offer students and the union at media hustings this afternoon.

Taking place in the Thomas Davis theatre this afternoon, candidates were questioned …