Editorial: The results of the GSU election are deeply troubling

Serious damage has been done to the union’s democratic norms

The Graduate Students’ Union (GSU) sabbatical elections are finished, and the Electoral Commission (EC) has declared that both incumbents, President Gisèle Scanlon and Vice-President Abhisweta Bhattacharjee, have been re-elected. Not only does this outcome bode ill for the union, but …


Editorial: Trinity must boycott Israeli academia

It is unconscionable for College to maintain links with universities complicit in egregious human rights violations

The recent violence in Palestine was horrifying, but it wasn’t shocking. It marked an escalation in immediate, acute brutality, but was ultimately just a continuation of the systemic, institutionalised violence that Palestinians have been facing on a daily basis for …


Editorial: The government voting down a motion on free fees is as disappointing as it is unsurprising

A motion that sought to scrap third level fees gained little traction in the Dáil

The government has voted down a motion in the Dáil that would have drastically improved students’ quality of life. Students are no strangers to watching the government take stances against their needs, but this nonetheless represents blatant disinterest from the


Editorial: Our representatives seem to have forgotten the latent power of a union

The social progressivism this union claims to stand for cannot be neatly separated from larger political questions

A crucial function of a union, and social movements more widely, is their capacity to display solidarity with struggles they may not themselves face but which are acutely felt by others. In doing so, by banding together with others, a


Editorial: Trinity’s lacklustre Covid response is part of a national problem

College and government must overcome their obsession with “individual responsibility”

Trinity has not bathed itself in glory with respect to its Covid-19 policy this past month. A small outbreak in Goldsmith Hall on February 4 resulted in the entire accommodation complex being sent for testing, while several other cases were …


Editorial: The SU needs to be more political, not less

The presidential hopefuls are neither as agitated nor impassioned as the leader of a student movement needs to be

With another Student Union election season comes the inevitable debate around the SU’s value, its function, and its mandates as a political entity. The three candidates vying for the position of TCDSU president have supported at least some of SUs …