Students flock to garda stations to ensure their place on register of electors

President of the USI, Kevin Donoghue, strongly supported the show of strength from students

NEWSQueues of students have been forming outside garda stations over the last two days in order to ensure their place on the register of electors.

The actions have occurred in response to Taoiseach Enda Kenny announcing the dissolution of the


The science of New Year’s resolutions

Una discusses the historical origins of New Year’s resolutions, why we fail to keep them and how can we successfully reach our long term goals in general.


The institution that is the New Year’s Resolution is not just a convenient creation of the fad diet connoisseur or the Nicorette distributing companies. The concept of beginning one’s year on the ‘right foot’ stems back to Babylonian times, when


Trinity’s ADAPT Research Centre receives €50 million investment

Minister for Skills, Research and Innovation Damien English TD, yesterday launched plans for the expansion of the centre

NEWSDamien English, Minister for Skills, Research and Innovation, yesterday announced a €50 million investment in the Science Foundation of Ireland (SFI) ADAPT Research Centre for Digital Content Technology.

ADAPT works in conjunction with four universities, Trinity College Dublin, Dublin City …


Trinity named 40th “most international” university in world

Times Higher Education released its rankings for the top 200 most internationally outward-looking institutions for 2015-2016 this morning

NEWSTimes Higher Education, THE, revealed its World University Rankings Data for the top 200 most internationally outward-looking institutions for 2015-2016 this morning, ranking Trinity College Dublin in 40th place.

Trinity has been assigned a score of 90.5% for its “international …


Science of anxiety

In January many senior freshman students will sit the annual Foundation Scholarship examinations. Una Harty talks about the science of anxiety and ways of reducing it to help all those sitting exams do the best they can.


Trinity College Dublin offers its senior freshman students a once in a lifetime opportunity; the chance to have all of your tuition paid for five years regardless of your economic background. Other perks of the scholarship include residential rooms free

Scottish university revokes honorary degree from Trump

The decision was made after the presidential candidate made controversial remarks regarding the entry of Muslims to the US.


Donald Trump, Republican front-running candidate for the US presidential nomination was stripped of his honorary degree from Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, Scotland, last week.

The university decided to revoke Trump’s honorary doctor of business administration (DBA) degree following controversial


Living on a prayer: what the Latin grace at Commons really means

Why do we continue with a tradition so deeply connected with millennia of war, perturbing court cases and fractured trust? Students may predominantly be left-wing and forward-thinking, yet we are more than happy to stand up for grace.


Miserere nostri te quaesumus Domine,

tuisque donis, quae de tua benignitate sumus percepturi, benedicito

per Christum Dominum nostrum.

These are the words which ring in the ears of the students as they take to their seats prior to the Commons


HEAD TO HEAD – Tinder: Yay or Nay?

Courtney Byrne and Una Harty go Head to Head on everyone’s favourite no-strings dating app.



For: Courtney Byrne, Contributor

Tinder doesn’t claim to help you find your soulmate, although the hopeless romantics can dream, but it does expand the pool of potential partners for singles, and that is never a negative. You can put yourself


Trinity students among recipients of 2015 Intel Women in Technology scholarships

The scholarship programme seeks to encourage women to pursue careers in science and technology


Three students of Trinity College Dublin were awarded Intel’s Women in Technology scholarship last week.

Lucia Hughes, Eunice OreOluwa Fasan and Maria Cordero, all junior freshman students, were among 17 new scholars announced at a special awards ceremony in Dublin