STEM, self-efficacy, and sport

William Foley takes a close look at the link between male and female participation in STEM subjects and sports.

In the past, sport was traditionally seen as the domain of men. Even today, there is a gender discrepancy in participation and intensity: men are more likely to play sport, and more likely to devote significant energies to it. This


Unpublished report by senior SU officers accuses The University Times of fabrication of evidence, mistreatment of staff, bias, and making students “live in fear”

In a secret document, prepared by a body of the SU’s senior officers, a number of serious accusations were raised against The University Times and its editor, Edmund Heaphy. Report by William Foley and Oisin Vince Coulter.


Serious breaches of journalistic conduct, including the fabrication of evidence, mistreatment of staff, biased and unfair reporting, and damaging the reputation of students have been alleged against The University Times and its editor by members of the TCDSU leadership in …


The Political Passivity of the Trinity left

Marooned in Trinity’s middle class campus culture, the Trinity left has lost its connection to real political movements, argues William Foley


Leon Trotsky once said of the writer Dobrolyubov that his satire would remain relevant “as long as it was considered a social merit to preach the rudiments of a cheap liberalism”. In College the dynamics of social popularity are often …


Not enough class reps attend SU Council to reach quorum

Attendance at Council insufficient to reach quorum. Delegates will not receive a mandate on which candidates to vote for at the USI conference.

Not enough class reps have attended Council tonight, Tuesday, to reach quorum – the minimum number of reps required to hold votes. As a result the council cannot pass motions, including on mandating how delegates to USI conference must vote. …


Many TAs are overworked and underpaid, work many hours for free or at substantial pay cuts

A Trinity News investigation reveals the poor working conditions of teaching assistants in many departments, and the adverse effect on teaching quality


Reporting by William Foley and Nathaniel Zavin. 

  • Graduate students in many departments do much of their teaching work for free or at sub minimum wage rates.
  • Some doctoral students have been threatened with having their scholarship payments withheld or delayed

Squash Inequality

William Foley talks to Mark Kelly, the founder of an organisation which seeks to address socioeconomic inequality through the medium of squash.


What is the link between squash and socioeconomic inequality? To many the sport has elitist connotations, depicted in films such as Manhattan and The Ploughman’s Lunch as being a preserve of bourgeois intellectuals and middle class professionals. Some, such as …


Gilmore’s Book, Tim Cook, and student loans

Campus culture in Trinity has been captured by the corporate viewpoint

COMMENTWhen he set down his will and testament, Ernie O’Malley, accomplished writer and veteran of the war of independence and civil war, specified that when he died he would be buried upright and facing east across the Irish sea so


The government response to the housing crisis

William Foley dissects the most recent statistics to examine the current government’s record and proposals for tackling the housing crisis.


There are now 730 families living in emergency accommodation in Ireland. Focus Ireland estimates that that figure will approach 1000 by next year as the rate at which families are being made homeless increases drastically. 83 lost their homes in


Conor McGregor and Irishness

Op-ed: Conor McGregor is the latest vehicle for the lie that binds the deep fissures within American society: that anyone can make it, if they are good enough


More than one in six Irish-born people over the age of fifteen people now live abroad, the highest proportion of any country in the OECD. This metric is a testament to generations of economic stagnancy. Despite De Valera’s famous promise …


Labour has not protected ‘core’ welfare rates

The very notion of “core” welfare rates has its roots firmly in the neoliberal doctrines that the Labour Party have lapped up.

comment1When asked to justify their role as a junior coalition partner, Labour Party ministers and TDs usually argue that they have protected “core” social welfare rates, which otherwise would have presumably been slashed by Fine Gael. It can’t be denied …