The Evolution of Near East Studies at Trinity

Studying the MENA region at Trinity was once a near impossibility. Trinity News explored the history of Trinity’s Near and Middle Eastern Studies (NMES) Department to find out how it has worked to properly educate students and dismantle damaging, common stereotypes about the region.

Prior to 2012, when a module at Trinity College Dublin claimed to teach topics related to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, it normally failed to provide students with an accurate and thorough intellectual understanding of its history


Cramming culture leaves already stressed students living off after-care, rather than self-care, during busy deadline seasons

As we approach the business end of the semester, we need to ask ourselves if our study methods are doing more harm than good

When picturing deadline season, one often conjures up the image of stressed students bent over their books, desperately trying to retain information. Needless to say (or rather, write), this is the result of cramming culture-that is, working intensely to learn