A vigil for Sarah Everard in Sheffield.

Editorial: Violence against women is omnipresent, and entrenched in state institutions

We stand in solidarity with Sarah Everard’s loved ones, and with all victims of male violence

This article contains discussion of violence, including sexual violence.

Last week, Wayne Couzens became the first police officer in the UK to be sentenced to a whole-life order, for the murder of Sarah Everard. This differs from a life sentence, …

Editorial: The GSU Executive is destroying its own union to avoid accountability

The events of the last few months constitute an embarrassing and destructive campaign to avoid scrutiny and consolidate control

The Graduate Students’ Union (GSU) has become a running joke of sorts, with many in Trinity spending the past couple of months eagerly waiting to see what goes wrong next. Last week, that joke became (depending on your perspective) either …

Editorial: Trinity knowingly misled students this term and must make amends

There can be reasonable debate about the appropriate amount of in-person class right now, but College consciously deceived students

Trinity has not bathed itself in glory since classes returned on September 13. The issue of this newspaper published on September 7 featured an editorial decrying the administrative incompetence displayed by College year after year, amplified in particular by the …

Editorial: College’s constant administrative ineptitude has been magnified by the pandemic

How long will Trinity students and staff be asked to put up with this state of affairs?

Benjamin Franklin once said that there are two certainties in life: death and taxes. For students enrolled in this university, it may be more apt to say there are three: death, taxes, and the incompetence of College administration. There have …

Editorial: Trinity must boycott Israeli academia

It is unconscionable for College to maintain links with universities complicit in egregious human rights violations

The recent violence in Palestine was horrifying, but it wasn’t shocking. It marked an escalation in immediate, acute brutality, but was ultimately just a continuation of the systemic, institutionalised violence that Palestinians have been facing on a daily basis for …

Editorial: The government voting down a motion on free fees is as disappointing as it is unsurprising

A motion that sought to scrap third level fees gained little traction in the Dáil

The government has voted down a motion in the Dáil that would have drastically improved students’ quality of life. Students are no strangers to watching the government take stances against their needs, but this nonetheless represents blatant disinterest from the

Editorial: Our representatives seem to have forgotten the latent power of a union

The social progressivism this union claims to stand for cannot be neatly separated from larger political questions

A crucial function of a union, and social movements more widely, is their capacity to display solidarity with struggles they may not themselves face but which are acutely felt by others. In doing so, by banding together with others, a