Editorial: Irish housing policy is unjustifiable

Decisions made at a local and national level have costs that are measurable in human lives

In the last week of October, five homeless people died on Irish streets. The number of homeless people who have died in this country since the beginning of the year is now at least fifty. Their homelessness was by no …

Editorial: There’s no shame in struggling

This is an exceptionally difficult time, and it’s okay to feel overwhelmed

This past month has been disorienting, shocking and upsetting for just about everybody on the planet. After four weeks of social isolation and national lockdown even the most seasoned introverts among us are starting to go stir-crazy, and some are …

Editorial: The SU needs to be more political, not less

The presidential hopefuls are neither as agitated nor impassioned as the leader of a student movement needs to be

With another Student Union election season comes the inevitable debate around the SU’s value, its function, and its mandates as a political entity. The three candidates vying for the position of TCDSU president have supported at least some of SUs …

Editorial: This general election presents a major opportunity to break Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael rule

Ireland’s only hope for change lies in finding common ground among the parties of the left

With the general election fast approaching, a dramatic shift has emerged in the Irish electorate. For the first time in history, Sinn Féin has leapfrogged Fine Gael to command second place in the latest RedC poll. This general election could

Editorial: The SU has lost sight of its purpose as a union

At a time when accommodation is such a critical issue, there simply is no excuse for haggling over details

On Tuesday evening, TCDSU Council voted against supporting Cut the Rent TCD and the group’s planned campaigns against rising accommodation costs. This represents a gross error on the part of the Union.

As the organisation set up to represent Trinity’s

Editorial: Threats to cut admissions are further proof of College’s ambivalence toward its students

Amid funding issues and an ‘insufficient’ budget provision, College needs to reassess its priorities

It has been no secret that funding for third level education in Ireland has been lacking, but the response to underfunding in Trinity has been yet another exercise in exposing the ambivalence and misplaced priorities of its administration.

In his …

Editorial: Trinity must stand with its students in the face of climate crisis

From silence on last week’s marches to extensive private staff flights, does college remain true to its pledge to fight climate crisis?

As seemingly the entirety of Dublin, and indeed the whole world, took to the streets in a rallying call against the impending climate crisis facing us all, one voice was suspiciously silent. At the heart of Ireland’s capital and a

Cut the Rent: The student activism Ireland needs

We need to stand behind emerging movements within our own community if we want to see change

As the housing crisis grows worse with each passing day, Ireland’s activist groups have been mobilising for change. A grassroots organisation has sprang up in Trinity this week to “revive the spirit of Take Back Trinity”, protest rising accommodation costs …