The USSR flag and student communism: a controversial combination

Trinity News sits down with students and government officials to discuss the flying of the USSR flag at the freshers’ fair

When second-year Estonian-American student Kaia walked through the front gates of Trinity to volunteer at her freshers’ fair table at the end of September, she was expecting crowds pillaging for slices of pizza and energy drinks, exhausted society leadership teams

Printing House Square: hitting four birds with one stone?

Trinity News spoke with the officials responsible for Printing House’s construction to find out what their vision was and how they got it done

On Monday, October 9, 2023, the official launch of Printing House Square took place outside the brand new complex. Tasked with accommodating 249 student bedrooms, the Trinity Health Centre, Trinity DisAbility Hub, and a modern Sports Centre facility, the design

Mould or homelessness? Horror stories of the Dublin housing crisis

Trinity News sits down with students who have endured terrible living conditions due to the Dublin housing crisis to get at the bottom of just how bad circumstances have become.

Some names have been changed for anonymity. 

Amidst the seemingly never-ending and ever-worsening housing crisis, thousands of students across the country live in terrible conditions they can barely afford. Following the protests on campus two weeks ago, Trinity News spoke

112,783 student interactions, 80 employees: Inside the Academic Registry

Trinity News goes inside the Academic Registry to find out how this one office handles the queries of 30,000 students and whether or not its poor reputation is truly the product of inefficient management


Before 2013, if a Trinity student needed help paying their tuition, they had to venture over to the College Green Costa Coffee and visit the Financial Services Office located upstairs. For Erasmus and admissions queries, help could be found in

“People-power and protest”: the leftist organisations mobilising students

Trinity News examines the methods and motivations of increasingly prevalent left-wing activist groups

On September 13, a group of students blockaded the entrance to the Book of Kells in protest against College’s decision to increase the amount charged for its student accommodation by 2%, the legal maximum within a rent pressure zone like

Working at Trinity as a Trinity Student

Trinity News sits down with students who work at Trinity to get to the bottom of why these positions are so competitive.

“Yeah we’ve got a grand old group. You make good friends while you’re there.” These are the words of Trinity student Alex, under pseudonym, who works through the summer as a Trinity Trails tour guide. Alex isn’t the only student

Russia’s Student Diaspora: A Forgotten Side of Putin’s War

Trinity News speaks to Russian students about their experience of studying in Europe in the context of the war in Ukraine

One Spring day in 2022, Mark was sitting in a classroom in Trinity watching a pair of classmates from his degree in management science and information studies make a presentation which touched on a number of major current affairs. “When

Tattoos and Ties: The Intersection of Self-Expression and Workplace Etiquette

With the recent dismissal of three Garda trainees on the basis of their tattoos, the place of tattoos in a professional environment has once again come into the spotlight as body art grows seemingly more popular than ever

Following last month’s decision to send home three Garda trainees due to their tattoos, the conversation about the place of tattoos in the workplace has exploded once more across Irish headlines. The Garda handbook states that “Body art [tattoos] on