Is Trinity better when it’s tobacco-free?

The Tobacco Free Trinity Campaign has found some success, but still has a long way to go

Less than one in five Irish adults now identify as smokers. Will the sight of a lit cigarette be alien to our grandchildren’s generation? Speaking to Trinity News, Health Promotion officer Martina Mullen says that: “smoking is the really big

To unmute or not to unmute

Zara-Grace Hussey looks at how online teaching has affected class participation

Learning has looked entirely different for all of us this year. The switch from lecture theatres to recordings and tutorials to breakout rooms has significantly shifted the ways that we can interact with our lecturers, teaching assistants, and fellow students.

Religious diversity in Trinity

Rev Steven Brunn speaks to Trinity News about the introduction of new ‘faith representatives’

Tuesday lunches in the college Chaplaincy have been a staple of student life in Trinity for years; up until the Covid-19 pandemic led to the closing of Trinity and the postponement of in-person services. The effects of this have not

Sunday Longread: The Rise of Anti-Asian Racism in Ireland

In the midst of rising levels of anti-Asian racism, the Trinity community needs to do more to educate themselves and raise awareness of the issue

Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic just over a year ago, there has been a visible rise in anti-Asian racism worldwide, and Ireland is no exception. The Irish Network Against Racism (INAR) reported a significant increase in racist crimes,

Modernising elections and opening up politics

Malcolm Noonan speaks to Trinity News on the new Electoral Reform Bill

Having recently finished a students’ union election season unlike any other, Trinity students have been listening to conversations and asking questions about how to encourage turnout in elections and engagement among voters. Historically, turnout is usually quite low in Trinity

Sunday Longread: The rise of Instagram activism

Why the infographics you see in your friends’ stories look the way they do

Our lives have been quiet recently, but Instagram has not. Your friends might have few pictures to share from their humdrum existences, and so the type of content you’ll see on the app has changed dramatically. Gone is the Instagram