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An Ode to the Old School Café

Eoghan Conway pays homage to the humble eateries and coffee shops of Dublin

Look I’ll be the first to admit it, I love speciality coffee as much as the next person. I am that guy who will order a pour-over, inevitably leading to the barista being thrown off kilter and causing your extra

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The Ozempic Epidemic: What is it & why is it so popular?

Thana Elshaafi looks into the origin of the popular medication and the reason behind its surge in popularity

Ozempic has become a heated topic in recent years, both among healthcare professionals and the public. Also known as Semaglutide, it has been hailed as a miracle weight loss and diabetes medication by both doctors and the pharmaceutical industry. However,

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How land affects culture and culture affects cuisine in Ukraine

G J Cusworth examines the ever-changing breadbasket of the world and the cuisine that echoes this.

The political and national history of Ukraine is not one of stability. What we know as present-day Ukraine was only defined on the 30 December 1922, after the Soviet-Ukrainian War came to an end and Ukrainian Bolsheviks established the Ukrainian

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Intelligent people skip dessert altogether and serve a glass of Irish coffee

Eoghan Conway and Cathal Eustace go in search of the best Irish coffee in Dublin and find themselves in Bar 1661


An extract from a Trinity News article from February 1970 reads as follows: “Intelligent people skip dessert altogether and serve a glass of Irish coffee. To make Irish coffee you needn’t fuss with dessert plates… saving on time, money and

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Winter warmers: The soup edition

Abby Cleaver outlines some soup-er recipes to keep you warm and happy this Christmas assessment period

Picture this. It’s been a long day of lectures and then library, and it’s cold outside. Cold winds blow onto your already frozen nose as you wait for the bus. You aren’t wearing a proper winter coat because it seemed

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Recipes For the 60s – what Trinity students used to eat

In this anniversary piece Thana Elshaafi looks at the most popular recipes shared in the paper during the 60s and whether they stood the test of time

The world of food is ever-evolving, with culinary trends and tastes changing from generation to generation. One way to understand the evolution of our culinary preferences is by taking a journey back in time to explore recipes from the past.