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How to food shop like an anarchist

Ella Walsh outlines how to get excited about cooking again

A couple of weeks ago, I was feeling rather down about my own cooking abilities, given that I live with two professional pizza chefs who regularly whip up delicious, homemade meals with apparent ease. I lived with an ever-present feeling

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Switching up your weekly shop

Ten under-appreciated items every kitchen deserves

When doing a grocery shop, I like to look for items that give me versatility in the kitchen. Having done extensive food research as someone who happens to eat every day, I have compiled a list of ten items that

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Making Mezze

Alfie Fletcher on how to make Middle Eastern sharing plates

Mezze is a table creaking under the weight of mismatched plates. Mezze is colours, glistening with olive oil and flecked with herbs and spices. Mezze is competitive: who can wipe more hummus onto their pitta; whose elbows can beat away

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An ode to outdoor dining

A look back at one of life’s biggest upsides under level three, now just a mere memory

Although outdoor dining has recently, and rather abruptly, been closed off to us, I think it’s fair to say that many of us had been surprised at how enjoyable the newfound dining format had been. Previously deemed incompatible with Dublin’s

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Making milk

Is it worth ditching the carton and making your own plant-based milk?

The day before writing this article, my flatmates and I received a six-pack of Oatly, Barista Edition obviously, from Amazon, so I feel a bit cheeky asking you to try and make your own plant milk, but here we go.

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What have we learnt from the gatherings at the Powerscourt Steps

Large outdoor gatherings have been symptoms of a lack of public spaces for people to meet for an outdoors drink in the nation’s capital


Outside the Powerscourt shopping centre, a short stroll from Trinity’s campus, many young people have been gathering by the steps to meet and drink. Social distancing is but a distant thought. The wide steps have long been a popular resting