Homeward Words On Wildness

Ciana Meyers speaks with musicians Nicole Ní Dhubhshláine and Julie Fowlis on environmentalism and the future of Irish music

Although Nicole Ní Dhubhshláine would speak of her musicianship as her passport, an invitation to hold not just her instruments but the world, she cherishes a vital homecoming. Speaking of her home on the Dingle Peninsula in County Kerry, Ní

Are we really in Love with Local?

Eoghan Conway looks at the relationship between imported produce and local more sustainable options

Go on, take a look at your cupboards. Depending on what day of the week it is and your individual budgeting skills you could be faced with one of two options.  It could either be a sad sparse reflection of

One week, no waste

Anneliese Kenny went wasteless for one week and this is what happened

When I signed up to go zero waste for a week, I was immediately struck by the enormity of the task that I had signed myself up for. However, going zero waste soon opened my eyes to the sheer amount

Chatting hymns with Katie Kim

Jayna Rohslau interviews the Dublin singer-songwriter on her key influences and musical takeaways

There’s a liquid smooth sensibility to Katie Kim’s work. It is evident in the flow of her songs. Without break, one song ends and the next begins. It’s also apparent in the visuals accompanying her song Mona, as gaping faces

Travelling sustainably through Europe

Emma Rouine tells you all you need to know about interrailing

At this point in the term, with readings piling up and assessment deadlines looming, the Ryanair page has become a frequently visited tab on many of our homepages. For those of us fortunate enough to have the time and savings

Reality becomes science-fiction at IMMA

Sionainn Fee reviews The Otolith Group’s first large-scale exhibition, Xenogenesis, currently on a world tour

The Otolith Group is an artist collective founded in London in 2002 by Anjalika Sagar and Kodwo Eshun, which focuses on the planet and human experience, explored through filmatic practices. Their first large-scale museum exhibition, Xenogenesis, developed in Eindhoven and

Greening The Screen

Sarah Browne examines the TorinoFilmLab’s Green Lab, in Dublin this March, a sustainability initiative aimed at reducing the industry’s carbon footprint

When we think of film and television, we don’t imagine the screen industry’s output beyond that of its movies, documentaries or series. The industry is one that prides itself on progressive content, especially in relation to environmental activism and climate