Sex & Relationships

Sexual Revolution Reads

Kerry O’Sullivan takes us through some sex and relationship reads to fill those lockdown days

Like the rest of us, you’re probably finding yourself with more spare time during this lockdown than any other. It’s easy to waste days away with mindless scrolling and staring into the existential void. With that said, why not take

Sex & Relationships

The Modern Woman in Film

Lila Funge discusses the outdated Rom-Com genre

Missing from film: have you seen this woman? She’s average height and weight, has a multitude of interests, emotions that run deep, and a life that doesn’t revolve around love interests. This is the real modern woman, so why has

Sex & Relationships

New College, New Me

Chloe Gleeson discusses how her mentality changed from secondary school to final year

In secondary school, my mind became governed by strict dualities. Anything pertaining to my life was very simply defined: good or bad, success or failure. I felt this mentality was necessary in order to advance, to surmount the numerous societal