Sex & Relationships

A love letter to my body

Eva Duggan explores the peace that comes from finding love within yourself and recognising your own divinity

Content Warning: This article discusses body-image problems, issues surrounding weight and relationships with food.

The idea of body consciousness has spread through society like the plague and has infected the minds of many. Our fixation on what we deem to

Sex & Relationships

Summer Lovin’

An insight into the life of a Trinity student as they explored their sexuality this summer

Setting off on my first university summer as a single woman, I decided that I was going to have a peaceful and healing summer, focusing on myself before heading on my Erasmus year. The past academic year was full of

Sex & Relationships

My ovaries and I

Ria Walls discusses her experience with the gynaecologist and discovering she has PCOS

As I sit writing this article, I am in agony as I experience period cramps for the third time this month – a bitter and excruciating consequence of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). The thing is, I barely even knew what …

Sex & Relationships

My first-hand experience with transgender healthcare in Ireland

A trans student discusses what it is like to access gender-affirming medication through the HSE today

There are many issues with the Irish healthcare system which each contend for public attention, such as the need for secular free healthcare or the exploitation of junior hospital staff or nurses. Of course, these issues are of utmost importance

Sex & Relationships

Round-up: A guide to Pride in the city

Ria Walls explores the top events happening in Dublin this weekend as Pride returns to the capital

As we swiftly approach the halfway point of 2022, the month of June is dedicated to celebrating pride. The capital hasn’t seen the streets turn rainbow-coloured since the pandemic began, so this year those celebrating are waiting in anticipation for