Society Spotlight: DU History

Grace Fannon talks to the Auditor of DU History, Shane Macken, about the society’s unorthodox approach to history

This past year has seen an undeniable refocusing on social issues on social media platforms, especially from younger generations. There has been a movement toward re-educating oneself, becoming more aware of deeply rooted biases that continue to have consequences on


A vision for a new-normal September

Ella Bleu-Kiely interviews TCDSU Ents Officer-elect Greg Arrowsmith on the role of societies in college life

When one hears Trinity Ents, it’s not uncommon to immediately think of first years in Halls and those crisp event photos with their distinctive logo in the corner, or maybe even fresh-faced students experiencing the wonders of Harcourt Street for


A Year of Digital Society Events

Grace Fannon looks back at how societies have adapted over the last twelve months

Trinity is heading into the final few weeks of a year that is hopefully unlike anything we will see again. Between online lectures, frustratingly short library booking slots and an absence of sneaker-wearing tourists meandering around campus, it has been


Society Spotlight: Trinity TV

Ciara Cassidy explores how Trinity TV still manages to create gripping content

Covid-19 has certainly restricted the number of activities students can do in their spare time. In fact, the whole of Ireland seems to be limited to either going for long walks, undertaking new arts and craft skills, baking, or, of


This Week in Trinity: Week 10

Between a ball, a debate final and Daisy Edgar Jones’ address to TCD LawSoc, get ready for an exciting week

Stumbling into Week 10, I think we are all feeling a little disorientated after the extra long weekend. Excessive consumption of sunshine, ice cream, and some sneaky canal cans may have momentarily suspended the reality of a looming end of …


This Week In Trinity: Women’s Week

Pantos, Discussions and Games: tune in to find out what’s in store for students this week

Society events for this week all kick off on Tuesday with the weekly virtual coffee hour with DUGES at 11:00am – 12:00pm. Bring your favorite mugs and biscuits to discuss all the merits of women’s week over discord! 

On Tuesday


Society Spotlight: Visual Arts Society

Grab a pair of Docs and an easel – we’re getting to know the Visual Arts Society

There is certainly no dearth in style on Trinity’s campus. From the picnic tables outside the Arts Block and across the cricket pitch to the Hamilton, ‘cool’ is in abundance, manifesting in vintage doc martens, aviator leather jackets, chequered trousers