Student Living

Creating an online community

Ria Walls talks to fellow Trinity students about their virtual endeavours

We all know how daunting it can be when moving to a new city; we have many questions and queries that sometimes Google just doesn’t have the answer for. Through talking to Trinity students who are part of a variety

Student Living

The power of pedalling

Seán Holland discusses how to navigate your way around Dublin the eco-friendly way

As Trinity welcomes students back to campus, there will also be the return of the dozens of bikes locked near the gym. People commute every day from across the city. Cycling is probably the most affordable and environmentally friendly way

Student Living

The declassified guide to Halls

Ella Sloane breaks down the basics of living in Trinity’s Dartry Accommodation

Walking along the well trodden, leaf-littered paths of Dartry road and through the gates of Trinity Hall for the second September in a row, I am hit with a sudden wave of nostalgia. The memories held within the familiar walls

Student Living

Celebrating and promoting Literacy in the age of distance learning

Emma Lueders discusses what to expect from the 55th UNESCO International Literacy Day

UNESCO International Literacy Day not to be confused with World Book Day, which entailed book tokens and cheap Roald Dahl paperbacks in primary school   is tomorrow, September 8. The theme for this year is “Literacy for a human-centred

Student Living

A graduation like no other

Mary O’Harte talks to the class of 2020 on finally celebrating their long-awaited graduation

Recently something strange happened on campus. The Front Square, which had been a virtual wasteland for almost a year, started to fill up with students in caps and gowns. While many had chosen to be conferred in absentia, over the

Student Living

How to handle homesickness

Leanne Healy shares some advice on how to assuage the pangs of homesickness that accompany moving to a new city

Typically, leaving for college is an exciting time for many students. There is a newfound sense of freedom that one acquires when moving away for the first time no rules, no parents and a fresh start. On paper, it