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Summer inspo 2024

Laila Banerjee provides a list of (unconventional) activities that you can immerse yourself in this summer

I’m from India so I get told quite often: “You must really enjoy winter considering you live in a tropical country,” and frankly, I do not. I count the days till I can step out without taking 10 minutes to

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Yes or No: Trinity 12 weeks semesters

Emma Coyle explores the advantages and disadvantages that come with the condensed semester

The 12-week semester – it can be hard to find a student that will advocate for more time spent inside the classroom. All the stresses and woes of college life – assignments, exams, stuffy lecture halls – crammed into short

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Students walking on the Front Square of campus with the Campanile in the background

Love on Campus

Kasia Holowka explores finding love on Trinity’s campus

Is finding love on campus possible? For us students, with our hectic schedules and with the online dating epidemic, it might seem out of the question. But, I think Trinity has a campus which is very easy to romanticise. Was

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This year’s Senior Sophister companion

Zaynab Zaher explores the complex college experience and nostalgia of this year’s SS students

With the end of our time at Trinity approaching, many Senior Sophister students find ourselves struggling with varying emotions. From anxiety over the unknown, to excitement over new things to come, being conflicted is part of the package deal for

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Na leideanna rúnda chun airgead a shábháil mar mhac léinn

Cabhraigh do sparán le bealaí éagsúla a chuireann Tara ní Bhroin ós ár gcómhair

Is minic a bhíonn ábhair airgid ar intinne na mic léinn agus muid inár gcónaí i gcathair le costas marachtála iomarcach agus na praghasanna ag ardú gan stad. Inniu, chuaigh mé chun bronntanas de seaclóid te a cheannach dom féín

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The economic horrors persist, but so do I

Minimum wage, dry January and Ibec: Sarah Shortall discusses the challenges students face at the beginning of a new term

There are certain sayings associated with people from Cavan: “He would peel an orange in his pocket.”;  “she eats the dinner out of a drawer.”; “he still has the Confirmation money in the bank.” The closest I’ve ever been to