Student Living

Loved and lonely

Emma Gallagher explores what it means to be lonely in college, and why it’s entirely okay

College life provides a unique set of experiences and emotions. You’re often halfway through an experience before realising this is something your 18-year-old self could have only dreamt of whether it’s fancy black tie balls, or going swimming with

Student Living

Exam season

Ria Walls highlights the importance of self-care during the demanding exam period

It is clear that exam season is upon us when the library begins to fill up at 9am. At this time of year, a can of Monster opening echoing through the Lecky is the biggest thrill for the majority of

Student Living

Clubbing in Dublin

Greg Cusworth explores Dublin’s different clubbing scenes

Clubbing in Dublin has always been a matter of great dispute. It’s like marmite: some love it, others hate it. It all depends on your attitude; Do you let the €12 entrance fee (plus drinks) and the 2am closing time

Student Living

Dublin as a student city

Nina Crofts assesses Dublin’s student life as someone new to the city

Everyone is familiar with the downsides of living in Dublin city, but for students, it’s particularly the cost of living and transportation that are causing a real problem. 

Regardless, I think Dublin is flourishing as a university city. It’s just

Student Living

The commuter experience

Emma Rouine explains why not all students are sharing the same college experience

“I can’t stay out, I have to make it for the last bus,” and “No, I have to run for the train in 15 minutes.” Everyone who does not live within a close distance of campus endures this. According to

Student Living

The second time’s the charm

An anonymous author outlines the central aspects of a successful long-distance relationship

Being accepted to College six months ago was like being given the opportunity of a lifetime. Only weeks after this incredible news, he entered my life. I was working as a barista at a café in Colorado and he was