The science lurking in the Arts Building

Though economics firmly has its realm in the Arts Building, do its empirical methodology and lofty ambitions qualify it as a science?

Economics has an unfortunate, and somewhat deserved reputation: many consider the discipline to be little more than pseudo-science, or ‘astrology for men’, and it often lacks the steadfast commitment to empirical evidence found in the natural sciences. Yet the questions

Rolling out: Trinity students and their Covid-19 vaccination experiences

As Trinity frontline workers receive Covid-19 vaccines, some weigh in on their own vaccination stories

As the distribution of Covid-19 vaccinations in Ireland becomes more widespread, almost 150,000 first doses have been administered to frontline healthcare workers. Some trinity students amongst them shared their experience with the vaccination process. 

Many of Trinity’s students are frontline

Pi day celebrations with MathSoc

The world’s most famous constant reminds us that maths really is for the masses

March 14th is an annual excuse to celebrate pi, the infamous irrational number, used since ancient times, and a fundamental mathematical constant. It was one of the first big breakthroughs in mathematics, and without its instrumental role in maths and

Explained: Covid-19 Variants

Emerging Covid-19 variants globally highlight the importance of vaccination

As new strains of the SARS-CoV-2 virus have emerged in the UK, South Africa, and, most recently, in Japan, it is easy to worry about what this means for all of us, from changes to the ease of transmission to

Labs of the Future?

Could virtual lab simulations provide an alternative to their in-person counterparts?

Undergraduate science labs a crucial learning environment, a right of passage, or an environmental hazard waiting to happen? Like them or not, the majority of science students here in Trinity will spend a large portion of their degree working

Trinity’s ADAPT and CONNECT research centres awarded €81 million in SFI funding

The centres specialise in artificial intelligence and telecommunications research

Two Trinity led research centres, the SFI Research Centre for AI-Driven Digital Content Technology (ADAPT) and the SFI Research Centre for Future Five Science Foundation Ireland (CONNECT), have received approximately €81 million in SFI funding to expand their current research

The vital role of zoos in conservation

Ex-situ conservation and other programmes could be endangered animals’ saving grace

Zoos have been around for centuries. Once a symbol of royalty and power, zoos are now major players in saving endangered species and conserving wildlife. But what role do zoos play in our conservation efforts today? 

Conservation is the protection,

NUI Galway team contribute to breakthrough breast cancer gene risk study

NUI Galway team have contributed to international study in the gene risk factor of breast cancer, showing the risk assessments that can be done, allowing individuals to receive early treatment to reduce or prevent the disease

A collaborative study into the risks associated with breast cancer has been published, with contribution from investigators in the Lambe Institute at National University of Ireland Galway (NUI Galway). 

The study’s research has suggested that the extent that gene related