So you’ve got a UTI and/or thrush…

What you need to know about having a UTI and thrush, as well as what you need to know about getting rid of it- from one student to another.

UTIs: they’re as common as tourists making their way through the Berkeley, except UTIs are even more common. Thrush it’s as painful as seeing someone wearing socks with sandals, but to be truthful it’s so much worse. Both of

Jupiter: the hungriest planet

Other planets be warned: don’t mess with Jupiter or you might get eaten up!

Dinner time rolls around and you’re starving. You’re just waiting for that delicious plate of food to arrive so you can dig in. However, dinner time in the solar system looks a little bit different. The planet Jupiter doesn’t eat

Reintroducing birds of prey to Ireland

Regaining a vital link in our food chains and ecosystem

Improving biodiversity and the rejuvenation of our natural ecosystems have been at the forefront of conservation efforts of late. These actions play a significant role in our global plans to halt and reverse the effects of climate change. We are

Sunday Longread: Hand sanitiser and soap usage during the pandemic will have real environmental impacts

Researchers from Trinity have quantified the effect new hygiene practices will have on our climate, and subsequently our health

A Trinity-led study has found that our increased use of hand sanitisers and soaps during the pandemic will have some knock-on effects on our climate. Hand sanitiser, which before March 2020 was mainly used only in hospitals and healthcare settings,

Mental illness might not all be in your head…

Current research suggests a new way to look at mental illness may be through the gut microbiome

The human gastrointestinal tract (GIT) contains a diverse collection of microorganisms known as the gut microbiota. Trillions of bacteria, protozoa, fungi, and archaea, currently reside in the GIT and have been linked to play a critical role in gut-brain communication

The games industry continues to consolidate

Blizzard is to be added to Microsoft’s ever-growing catalogue

Video games have always been popular, but since the start of the pandemic the rise in gaming across all consoles and platforms has increased dramatically. By June 2020, we saw a 39% increase in the time we spend gaming globally. …