Sunday Longread: Studying STEM through Irish Sign Language

Learning technical or scientific subjects through ISL presents unique challenges, says Trinity graduate Micheál Kelliher

Irish Sign Language (ISL) is used as a first language by around 5,000 people in Ireland, and approximately 45,000 hearing people also use ISL to some extent. However, the nuanced and historic language, and its speakers, are not always given

Artificial Intelligence: How far is too far?

While there is a natural fear of futuristic technology rendering human workers obsolete, there are limitations that will keep AI in check for years to come

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is an area of technological advancement that’s gaining interest in various sectors to make daily life more convenient and efficient. While AI may come with the typical “sci-fi” fantasies portrayed by the media, in reality, it

Basking sharks not basking in the limelight

The Irish government must pass environmental legislation to protect these vulnerable creatures

In Ireland, we have many graceful creatures; however none have proven to be quite as mysterious as the basking shark.

Basking sharks are the second-largest living shark at nearly 12 metres long, sporting large gaping mouths. Despite their fearsome exterior,

oceanic squid

Squid Game: NUIG Researchers solve puzzle of cephalopod taxonomy

A new Irish study proposes a reordering of our conceptual framework for oceanic squid evolution

Researchers at the National University of Ireland Galway (NUIG) have identified new relationships between different species of oceanic squids, solving a longstanding mystery.

A multinational study from 2018 described relationships between different cephalopods as “difficult to resolve” and said that

recycling bin

The grim reality of soft plastic waste

Is recycling this material the solution we think it is?

On September 6, it was announced that soft plastics could be accepted into household recycling bins. This announcement came three days before the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released an analysis of Ireland’s recycling failures. This news seems to be happily

Novel stem cell research could provide hope for Type I diabetes patients

Is a cure for the chronic health condition in sight?

Just reading the words “injections” and “needles” is usually enough to make anyone squirm uncomfortably. However, for Type I diabetics, insulin injections are their lifeline. Type I diabetics must meticulously count carbohydrates, monitor their blood glucose levels, calculate and inject

Trinity researchers’ work on gold, silver and copper hydrides could help with energy storage

Innovative storage systems are needed if hydrogen is to be the fuel of the future

The Trujillo research group at Trinity’s School of Chemistry have conducted an investigation into metallic compounds that will be needed to store hydrogen fuel as we move towards greener energy sources. The team used quantum methodology to investigate the hydrogen