Trinity Women’s Soccer Triumph Over RCSI in Their First League Match of the Season

DU Ladies AFC started off their season with a home match against the College of Surgeons (RCSI)

The Trinity Women’s Soccer team (DU Ladies AFC) won 7-0 against RCSI on October 14th in what was their first league match of the 2023-2024 season. 

On home soil, Trinity’s offensive possession was exemplary as were their defence. DU Ladies

Strong start to the season for DUHC and DULHC

Trinity hockey has kicked off its campaigns in style, with impressive opening performances from the mens’ and ladies’ squads

Some sports enjoy the luxury of a “less is more” approach to competition, but hockey encamps itself firmly and far away from such a stance. Last season saw the assorted teams of both Dublin University Hockey Club (DUHC) and Dublin

The rise of women’s sports

Although growth of women’s sports over the past decade has been impressive, why is it not yet higher?

The rise of popularity in women’s sports has been a gradual endeavour, but one which has seen surges of growth in recent years. If asked to name a famous female athlete of the 90s, it would likely be a struggle …

J4 Rugby: Passion, flair and joué

What it takes to play social sport

This September, while casual rugby fans have been fixated by the goings on at RWC ‘23, the true rugby purists have been anticipating the greatest sporting comeback since Michael Jordan’s 1998 Chicago Bulls: The return of junior rugby. Men from