A second chance

Central to rehabilitation over retribution, education offers a chance for personal development to those in Ireland’s prison system

Nelson Mandela wisely said: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Over 2000 years earlier, Confucius wrote: “Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace.” Perhaps most relevant are the words of

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En Español: Hispanic Soc’s role in improving your oral exam grades

A student of Spanish offers insight into the importance of practicing a language to balance the never-ending grammar notations

When I first saw DU Hispanic Society’s event, “Desayuno and Speed Friending” I was allured into attending, for the most part, out of a sense of duty. I study Spanish as part of my degree, and therefore feel somewhat obliged

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A sign of the times: Sign Language Society

Alice Forbes talks to TCD Sign Language Society members, discussing the society’s place in campus life and the many opportunities they offer


“Involvement in a society like Sign Soc reminds you that while interacting with someone, it’s incredibly important to focus on them and give them your full attention

Last week I paid a visit to the hidden alcove of


Meet Herman: Trinity Hall’s feline resident

Halls resident Alice Forbes investigates the habits and history of another Halls resident – Herman the cat.

“The Halls Cat is in fact named Herman, the pet of assistant warden, Thomas Archer, who adopted him along with his brother Coco from the DSPCA when he made his move to Halls in 2010. Upon arrival, Herman and Coco