DCU launch new app to improve student safety on campus

The app will allow students to access 24-hour college emergency services


Dublin City University (DCU) have launched an app which will allow students to access 24-hour campus security via their mobile phone.

The app, SafeZone, will be made available to the college’s 17,000 students and over 1,600 staff located on its …


Alcohol delivery app DropOff launched by Trinity graduates

The service is available from 5-10pm today for app users in south Dublin with plans to expand across the country.

DropOff, a company which allows customers to order from off-licences to their doors from an app, launched a daily service covering south Dublin today.

Following a soft-launch last weekend, app users living in south Dublin can order from participating off-licenses


We tried out the new Byte app, here are the results (audio autoplays!)

Byte combines the low tech of Microsoft Paint with today’s social media world

SCITECHArt in all its forms allows for the expression and application of human imagination and skill. We usually associate this with visual arts such as paintings or drawings, music or literature. These forms of expression have been around for many …


The Union of Students in Ireland unveils the ‘Tinder of Politics’

The USI hopes that Smartvote will help students to engage with politics and make a smart choice in the General Election


The Union of Students in Ireland have partnered with Smartvote, a website referred to as ‘the Tinder of politics.’ Smartvote went live today.

The website asks the voter a series of questions on policy areas which include housing, the …


HEAD TO HEAD – Tinder: Yay or Nay?

Courtney Byrne and Una Harty go Head to Head on everyone’s favourite no-strings dating app.



For: Courtney Byrne, Contributor

Tinder doesn’t claim to help you find your soulmate, although the hopeless romantics can dream, but it does expand the pool of potential partners for singles, and that is never a negative. You can put yourself


The inside story behind the new college ID app

Computer science students Conor Brennan and Peter Meehan speak about their achievements with developing Trinity’s new ID app

FEATURESTrinity is the first institution in the country to provide students with a digital ID which can be downloaded for free on mobile devices. This now provides students with the possibility to use many college services without producing their physical