We must not treat artificial intelligences as slaves

As Artificial Intelligence becomes more and more like humans in its capacity for thought and emotion, Olly Donnelly argues that we should give AI rights like humans

Whenever humanity has invented something remarkable in the past, we have used it to make our lives easier. From the Printing Press to the PC, from irrigation to automation, we have a remarkable ability to evolve by changing the tools

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HUMANS NEED NOT APPLY: the new exhibition at Science Gallery Dublin

Artificial intelligence and the human imagination come together at the Science Gallery’s latest exhibition, providing insight into how the world may be affected as technology continues to advance

trinity-lifeHUMANS NEED NOT APPLY (HNNA), the spring exhibition at Science Gallery Dublin, was launched on Friday, February 10. Now open to the public, this exciting exhibition will run until the end of May. Being both free of charge and located

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When artificial intelligence becomes the cyber-bully

Educational Psychologist of Trinity warns against the possibility of cyber robotic attacks, in a book launched on Safer Internet Day


A book which was co-edited by Dr. Conor McGuckin, Trinity Assistant Professor in Educational Psychology, and Dr. Lucie Corcoran of Dublin Business School (DBS) was launched on the February 7, Safer Internet Day. The book is titled “Bullying and Cyber-bullying: