Assessing the prospects for future international students at Trinity

Speaking with students from outside Ireland about their time studying in College, we can identify the areas the administration needs to improve upon


With the proposed increase in international students, it is more important than ever to examine how past students from outside Ireland have experienced being a visiting student at Trinity. The students contacted for this article have all on the whole


77,570 animals used in lab tests in Trinity between 2012 and 2014

A spokesperson for the college said: “Animal studies are conducted only when they will contribute to the advancement of knowledge that is likely to lead to the improvement of the health and welfare of animals and human beings”

NEWSTrinity College Dublin used 77,570 animals for research tests between 2012 and 2014, according to figures obtained by the Irish Examiner under Freedom of Information.

Trinity used 26,738 animals in biomedical experiments in 2012, 23,993 in 2013 and 26,839 in …


Trinity’s School of Engineering granted €65 million in software by Siemens

This grant “enables Trinity’s School of Engineering to teach their students on the same world-class PLM software… that is used by leading manufacturers around the world”

NEWSYesterday it was announced that Siemens PLM (Project Lifestyle Management) has granted Trinity’s School of Engineering €65 million euro worth of technology that will allow the students to gain experience using leading manufacturing software.

This is currently used in a …