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Nollaig na mBan: A night of women’s literature

The Irish Writers Centre celebrated Nollaig na mBan by bringing together some of Ireland’s most talented writers and performers

Traditionally, the 6th of January, Nollaig na mBan, was the day when the woman of the house would finally put her feet up after all the turkey basting and sprout peeling of the Christmas period and her husband would take


A greener Christmas

Iseult Reid weighs up the options for a more environmentally friendly Christmas

The time has come to consider ‘greening’ our Christmases. The mass amount of waste created by the holiday is extremely polluting. The methane and carbon dioxide gas created by landfill as this waste decomposes is contributing to the greenhouse gas


Wrestling for meaning after Christmas

Sorcha Ní Cheallaigh reflects on the significance of the stress that comes with shopping at the end of the festive period


“I took part in the Boxing Day Sales this year… on Christmas Day”

Today is the day we’re traditionally meant to take down the Christmas decorations we were once so worried about. When I was 11 years old, my cousin


Santa’s secret – it’s not magic… it’s science!

SciTech Editor Katarzyna Siewierska takes us through what it would take for one Santa and nine reindeers to deliver presents to children around the world. Warning: If you believe in Santa, do not read



Santa’s challenge

Lets establish the problem we are going to analyse in the article. Santa Claus is an elderly, rather large man who spends one night in the year to deliver presents to children all around the world. He travels


Hygge: how the Danes bring warmth into their winters

Hannah O’Brien-Møller explores the ways the Danes cope with their long winters, including their unique concept of ‘hygge’


“’Hygge’ does not translate into English. It is both an abstract noun and a verb, usually used to denote spending time with friends and family and having a laugh.”

Winters in Denmark can be very long, lasting from early November


Trinity students receive wide acclaim for ISL carol video

The video signing Santa Clause is Coming to Town has received over 95,000 views


Three Trinity students have received a massive social media response this week for their Irish sign language rendition of a well known Christmas Carol. Abbie O’Neill, Joanne O’Donnell and Amy Durkin are students in the Centre of Deaf Studies.



The best Christmas adverts

Which cheery festive adverts capture our hearts year after year? Caoimhe Gordon delves into the archives to find out.


As dreary November reaches its bitter end, the Christmas advertisement juggernaut strikes the general populace without warning. Can one really consider the festive season to be in full swing without spotting that plucky child run out onto the road after …


Staying in Dublin for Christmas

International students talk to Trinity News about how they plan to spend their Christmas holidays in Dublin.


Emma Collins, a third year student from Boston, is one of the many Trinity students who will be remaining in Dublin during the Christmas holidays. She tells me she loves Dublin: “It reminds me of Boston and there’s lots to …