Dear standard language police: get back in your box

While some error-laden comments are confusing to read, the majority are still comprehensible. So why aggressively attack commenters on their language errors?

OP-EDIn the age of internet and social media, a lot of people spend their time online. Newspapers often publish articles online before or instead of printing them. Much of the social lives of the younger generations will have been formed


Without a proper class narrative, Trinity’s liberal culture is oppressive

If we really care about social issues, surely we want these ideas to permeate through all echelons of society and not just those which we are a part of.


Reductive activism

“That’s what happens when a knacker…” she said in a group of people, liberal-minded people, people like herself. Up until that point, conversation had drifted between topics such as LGBTQ+ rights and feminism. Topics filled with words such


Class is permanent

Screaming “We pay your benefits!” at someone you have never met before in your life is apparently acceptable behaviour within the confines of the stadium.


“Form is temporary, class is permanent.” One of sport’s finest meaningless clichés, by this stage devoid of practically any semantic content, exhausted after decades of overuse. But in another sense, too, is class permanent: it is, inevitably, part of the …