The USSR flag and student communism: a controversial combination

Trinity News sits down with students and government officials to discuss the flying of the USSR flag at the freshers’ fair

When second-year Estonian-American student Kaia walked through the front gates of Trinity to volunteer at her freshers’ fair table at the end of September, she was expecting crowds pillaging for slices of pizza and energy drinks, exhausted society leadership teams


Why the October Revolution should be commemorated

Conflating the revolution with Stalin’s atrocities is misguided and facile, Rory O’Neill argues

“It is vital that we learn from the Russian Revolution, understand its virtues, and more importantly its failures”

Dublin City Council, as part of their 2017 commemorations programme, have allocated 30,000 towards work on the Communist Party of Ireland


Farewell, Comandante

Rory O’Neill offers a personal and political perspective on the late Fidel Castro


There are few figures on the left who command the same admiration and respect as Fidel Castro. Those commending parts of his legacy can be found across almost the entire spectrum of those who claim to be ‘on the left’.