Meet the Dublin activists picketing JobBridge businesses

The Work Must Pay campaign has gathered momentum in recent months by naming and shaming Dublin businesses taking on JobBridge interns.

indepthBANNERIt’s a chilly evening as I make my way along the quays to meet with the Work Must Pay picketers before their protest. At first it seems I may have the wrong place. It’s a relief to find, upon crossing …


The only Ostzone techno night in the Free State

Members of DU History, the student society renowned for its tongue-in-cheek history-themed club nights, talk about finding comic relief in historical tragedy and pitch in on the controversy surrounding Channel 4’s famine sitcom.

indepth1The dance floor was already caked with juice splash and straw. The ceilidh band’s set had come to an end and the pipes had been engulfed by a slap bass groove, only to reemerge sporadically. At the bar, three Junior …


Finding time to find the right tools

Final-year English students have the opportunity to develop their writing under the tutelage of novelist Deirdre Madden. One student talks to TN about taking his writing to new places.

indepth1It takes Callum and I quite some time to find a suitable spot for our interview. We make our way across the third floor of the Arts Building, finding most of the choicer nooks and crannies already occupied. We finally …