Social media provides another avenue for protest in Stoneybatter

The use of social media as a political platform has played an important part of the anti-water charges movement, but it is just one aspect of a dynamic campaign in the heart of Dublin’s north inner city.

indepth1Eric was on holiday in Spain during last October’s Right2Water march, the first major rally against water charges held in Dublin. Taken aback by the size of the “colossal” crowd that marched on that autumn weekend, however, he was quick …


Remembering a much less mobilised student community

Trinity student politics of the 1960s suffered from relentless in-fighting as well a shortage of candidates.

InDepthTrinity in the 1960s, according to this paper, was a place where “everyone knew everyone”, a claim supported by gossip columns in which campus parties were dissected and students vomiting in Triumph Heralds were named in bold lettering. Student politics, …