In my eighth year of competitive debating, I’m quitting for good

A parting love letter to one of College’s most popular and most maligned activities

At the top of the “extracurricular” section of my CV, it says that I reached the semi-finals of the European Debating Championships (Euros). It was in August 2017 at the Tallinn Euros, my first major university competition with my long-term

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Model United Nations comes to Trinity

This past weekend, March 24-25, saw Dublin’s first ever Model United Nations (MUN) conference take place

This past weekend, March 24-25, saw Dublin’s first ever Model United Nations (MUN) conference take place, organised by Trinity’s Society for International Affairs (SOFIA). I was fortunate enough to be able to Chair the European Council, and to say I …

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An aerial view of Freshers' Week 2016.

How to be a hack

From one hack to another, a step-by-step guide on how to improve your social status, your internship prospects and your legacy at Trinity

With the election campaigns for next year’s Students’ Union Officers finally coming to an end, the swarm of hacks present on campus in recent weeks has finally dispersed. Some of the most influential names on campus have been brought to


College should let us see more of the world outside the classroom

Rigid attendance requirements make it too difficult for many students to get involved in the kind of extracurricular experiences that change lives.


Extra credit? If only

Search “extra credit” on Google and there are great stories to be found.

There’s the one of students in Northern Michigan University who were given 20 extra credit points for attending an “Occupy the Upper Peninsula”


Let Namazie speak

Even if you believe that racist or Islamophobic speakers ought not be allowed on university campuses, Maryam Namazie is neither. She was banned from speaking at Warwick because the SU believed that her ideas were wrong.


Whoever the argument about inviting offensive guest speakers on campus is about, it’s not about Maryam Namazie. Namazie is an Iranian who escaped with her family after the revolution of 1979. She studied in America and began her career aiding


Phil comedy debate starts year with laughter

GMB welcomes students & comedians who ‘do it for the likes.’


The Phil’s first debate of the year occurred on Thursday the 24th of September on the motion “This House Would do it for the Likes”. As is usually the case in Freshers’ week, it was a comedy debate featuring a …


Free Speech Warriors Need to Sit Down

Michael Coleman challenges the idea that free speech is being squashed on university campuses.


There is, allegedly, a spectre haunting university campuses: the spectre of political correctness. And old white political commentators the world over have entered into an alliance to exorcise this spectre in all its supposed manifestations. Trigger warnings, safe spaces and …


Trans* inclusion policy adopted for Trinity debating competition

Efforts underway to better include trans* debaters

Fionn McGorry

Deputy News Editor

A summer debating competition in Trinity will feature efforts to better include trans* debaters. The gender introductions policy introduced this week by Trinity Open organisers will involve all speakers affirming their preferred pronoun at the …