Hist bare all with opening debate of the year

Hist welcome popular Irish comedian Katherine Lynch for ‘Free the Nipple’ debate

The Hist’s first debate of the year took place on Wednesday the 23rd of September on the motion “This House Would Free the Nipple”. The debate featured an all-female speaker line up of students and guests, including the comedian Katherine …


Time for Trinity students to revolt

If the biggest achievement we get from trying to work with college management is to see fewer negative changes, we need to change strategy.

comment1It began in Amsterdam, it took hold in London and now it’s reached Dublin. Hundreds of students protested the cuts and overcrowding at NCAD last month and have threatened more protest if their demands are not met. The students that …


What growing up in a queer family means to me

I wouldn’t trade my parents for any smiling hetero two-kids-one-dog couple.

comment1I hear people all the time talking about how, 10 years ago, you just couldn’t imagine same-sex couples getting married. I could. 10 years ago, my newer mum moved in (I tried about 10 different phrases for that, believe me …


Challenges persist for Trinity’s student parents

High childcare costs, poor centralised resources and strict timetables mean many student parents are left to support themselves.

indepth1The exact number of student parents in Trinity is unknown, although a survey conducted in 2012 suggests that the number is more than 400. This should give you an idea of the lack of general awareness about student parents and …