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“Don’t settle, strive for something else”

Gráinne Sexton on why the best choice is not always the easiest one


“Beneath the layer of outward smiles and wisecracks, there was a girl who found herself crying in the arts block bathrooms from time to time, mourning the thought that her dreams had eluded her and she was stuck in academic

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Diary of a Fresher: Revisited

With Michaelmas term drawing to a close, we caught up with the not-so-fresh Freshers to see how they were faring a whole semester in


In September, a group of fresh-faced first-years shared their first days as college students. They documented their experiences – everything from the infamous “Freshers’ flu”, those drawn-out introductory lectures, and spending way too much on societies that they were likely


Diary of a Fresher

As they recover from last night’s Freshers’ Ball, our writers learn that after a week of introduction, they have become hardy student party-goers

Thursday 22 September

Étáin Sweeney,  Junior Freshman Law and Political Science:

Thursday was kicked off by the infamous ‘Fresher’s Flu’ pestering my sleepy head in the early hours of the morning. Not a sound resonated through the Halls courtyard,


Diary of a Fresher

Yesterday’s S2S meetings and the vibrant community on campus drove home the reality of student life for our Freshers.

Tuesday, 20 September:

Aoife Donnellan, Junior Freshman Philosophy and English:

It all started with walking in an hour late to an hour long talk.

I awkwardly half-stood/half-crouched at the back of the room, just in time to catch “and I


Diary of a Fresher

TN follows the daily lives of a group of Freshers’ and their first experiences on Trinity campus

Monday 19 September:

Shane Kenneally, Junior Freshman Law and Politics student:

And just like that, it has begun.

The summer spent languishing in the glow of Trinity’s fashionably late start has ended, ended with the deafening sound of puma suede


Diary of a Fresher day three: floor-naps and Players

Dearbhail can’t keep up with the night after night partying but finds some satisfaction on stage in Players Theatre

COMMENTWhat’s been baffling me the most about Freshers’ Week is how on earth anyone has the energy to spend every night drinking and clubbing. I staggered into my apartment at five o’clock today and decided that my bedroom floor would


Diary of a Fresher day two: making Halls a home

For her second day of Fresher’s Week, Dearbhail tries to make Halls a home and shakes off some of her initial nervousness

I’m sitting in the Arts Café, typing busily on an obnoxiously large laptop – in other words, I’m feeling rather metropolitan today.
When you’re in public, a laptop and an open Word document can entirely change your demeanour. Instead of …