Fossil fuel divestment and the re-birth of activism

Annabel O’Rourke looks at the driving forces behind the success of fossil fuel divestment in Ireland, which has grown from worldwide initiatives and college-focused campaigns

Fossil Free in Ireland

“Fossil Free is, in fact, an international activist group that is promoting worldwide divestment from fossil fuels.”

As liberals anxiously watch the world they so carefully constructed fall into the hands of those who wield the


Sell the Kells

Fossil Free TCD’s tongue-in-cheek petition provides a novel way to draw attention to Trinity’s decision on divestment this November


“Hi, would you be interested in signing our petition towards selling the Book of Kells?”

It is in no way unusual to be approached by whichever group or society have claimed the tables on the first floor of the Arts


Fossil Free TCD discusses ideas for potential sustainability proposal at open meeting

The main focus of the meeting was on discussing potential ideas for a sustainability plan and how to gather input from staff and students when putting together a proposal for the board

NEWSThe Fossil Free TCD campaign tonight held their final open meeting of the academic year in the wake of their meeting with the University Board. The campaign has been pushing for Trinity to fully divest from fossil fuels and has …