A heckin’ bamboozle: the rise of Trinity College Doggos

There is a new force in Trinity: bigger than many societies, and with a repository of dog pictures to boot, Trinity College Doggos has had an auspicious start

Do a study buddy.

Do a study buddy.

[Somebody tags their friend]

Do a study buddy.

It’s the May Bank Holiday Monday, and a meme has been shared in a Trinity students’ group on Facebook. A bespectacled French bulldog pores …


Genes that make dogs a man’s best friend discovered

Aoife discusses the results of the recent study published in the paper entitled “Genomic Regions Associated With Interspecies Communication in Dogs Contain Genes Related to Human Social Disorders” by Persson et.al.


“Studies have confirmed that dogs, like preverbal infants, are aware of the intentional dimension of communication, an interspecies social skill that not even apes possess.”

Have you ever felt as though your dog is trying to talk to you? Not


Grieving my beloved dog

Seeing your old pet dog being put down is heartbreaking, especially when her life is caught up with so many childhood memories.

comment1Joey hadn’t really been herself for a while. She could still run in and out of the garden nearly as fast as when she was a puppy, but in the past few years you could see she didn’t have the …