Student unions launch campaign to educate students about safer drug use

Welfare officer Conor Clancy says campaign “is about knowing that the people who take drugs are also the ones who make that decision”

IMG_6972The Students Unions of TCD, UCD, and DIT, in collaboration with the Ana Liffey Drug Project (ALDP), have launched a campaign aimed encouraging safer drug use among students. The “What’s in the Pill?” initiative, launched yesterday at Dublin’s Mansion House,


Actress Sarah Rafferty receives award from TCD Law Soc

The award ceremony, which was originally due to be held in Regent House, had to be moved to Goldsmith Hall at the last minute to accommodate the huge demand


Sarah Rafferty, who plays Donna Paulsen on the legal drama Suits, today became the latest recipient of Trinity’s Praeses Elit award.

The award, which was founded by former president Mary Robinson for “individuals who have truly excelled in their chosen …


Reflections on Terry Pratchett

Pratchett was often dismissed as just a funnyman writing in a silly genre. But besides being droll and imaginative, his works are also generous and unexpectedly wise.

commentBANNERJRR Tolkien is often credited with legitimising fantasy as a genre, and turning it into something that could be taken seriously by readers and critics alike. He gave us orcs, and hobbits, and epic quests. But it was Terry Pratchett …


You might convince others if you “fake it ’til you make it” – but you’ll never convince yourself

Doireann Ní Chonghaile examines the shortcomings of a common piece of advice given to those who struggle with self-confidence.

We’ve all heard the advice before –  If you’re lacking in self-confidence, self-esteem, or are plagued with doubts about your own worth, all you need is this one simple trick: pretend to be confident, and eventually everyone, including yourself, will …