Ambitious debuts astound at PIPS showcase

Ellie McGonagle reviews the five plays put on by PIPS, DU Player’s programme for College’s theatrical newcomers

Michaelmas term has certainly been an eventful and action-packed semester in terms of Players Introductory Programme (PIPS) productions. The plays written and performed by members of PIPS are always of a tremendously high standard and this group of students certainly …

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Trinity Halls’ ‘Avenue Q’: A Dazzling Mix of Puppetry, Profanity and Positivity

Watching puppets sing onstage about sex, pornography and casual racism may not sound overly enticing, but go see the hottest new show in Trinity Halls and you’ll never view Sesame Street the same again.



“Without a doubt, ‘Avenue Q’ is a show that you should endeavour not to miss. The quality of the production and the dazzling performances from the actors make this show a truly great achievement for Trinity Halls.”

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The TCD Directorial Debut Festival continues to take centre stage

Trinity Life editor Úna Harty speaks with some of the Debut directors and extracts what wisdom they have gained from the theatrical test of bringing a show to the Beckett stage


“It’s possible to use this module as a way to get your foot in the door, to get your work acknowledged so that people can be aware of who you are and what you want to do.”

“A wonderful way


Review: Dogg’s Hamlet for TCD Debut Festival

Sorcha Ní Cheallaigh heads along to Annie Keegan’s interpretation of ‘Dogg’s Hamlet’ for the TCD Debut Festival


“It was a risky decision for a bachelor’s drama student to undertake an exceptionally daunting task, especially one so crucial to the result of their degree.”

Trinity Debut Festival of Theatre is a three-week long event from the students of


Help! My Brothers are Successful and I Am Doing A Drama Degree

Following your dreams in college can be a daunting, but fulfilling experience.


When I was finishing secondary school, my otherwise offhand eldest brother sat me down and told me in no uncertain terms that I should by no means study a degree in English Literature and Drama Studies (at the time, the …