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The library doors I once walked through daily have been obliterated

The recent tragedy in Beirut may finally instigate change in a country inhibited by decades of political unrest

When I first watched the video of the terrible Beirut explosion, I could not believe what I was seeing. It seemed unfathomable. The deafening boom, the smoke cloud engulfing 30-storey apartment blocks and obliterating them in its wake, and the


A BA in Brexit Blues?

Jack Eustace discusses the impact Brexit will have on students studying in Ireland

The prime minister of the United Kingdom triggered Article 50 on March 29, beginning a two-year transition process wherein Britain will depart from the EU. The exact date of separation is planned to be the of March 29, 2019 –

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My experience as… an Erasmus student

Erasmus can be a life-changing experience for many, though not always in the ways we expect. One European Studies student looks back on the hurdles she’s overcome while living abroad in France for a year

Upon receiving my Leaving Cert results, I spent some time reflecting on the precariousness of what constitutes a “success” in these exams. I eventually came to the conclusion that the success I achieved in my results rested entirely on the


What Irish unification means for students

Cormac Begley argues that Trinity students should vote to mandate TCDSU to support Irish unification in this week’s preferendum


At first the debate over unification may seem too abstract to be of any real concern to students. This is far from the case. Irish unification relates to a number of student issues including fees, student debt and Erasmus. As


The case for going off-books

Neasa Candon spent a year as a ‘free mover’ instead of going on Erasmus – one of the best decisions of her life. She explains the differences, benefits and how to apply


It’s December; the Toy Show has passed, the nights are longer, and the procrastination more intense than ever, meaning only one thing — Christmas is on the way! Once a time for peaceful reflection, the four week break now spells

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Letters to home: Far from bored in Bordeaux

Hannah Harman-Conlon provides Trinity News with an insight into her la vie en rose on Erasmus in France


“There was, however, the sneaking feeling as I boarded the plane that I needed this. I needed this push out of my comfort zone, this lovely bubble I had created for myself.”

I must admit that at the end of

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Letters to Home: Leuven, Belgium

An insight into life as a student in Belgium from Cormac Begley, a third year Psychology undergraduate


“Hi, what’s your name? Where are you from? What do you study? Do you know…” Taking the plunge and venturing off on Erasmus for the year is a lot like being a Fresher again, except you’re in a foreign country


March for Education: observations from afar

Newsfeeds were filled with content from the March of Education this week. Caoimhe Gordon explains how reflecting on education at home leads to comparisons to the situation students on Erasmus find themselves in today.


This week, Dublin city came to a standstill as thousands of determined students made their intentions as clear as that Wednesday morning and marched for Free Education. They tossed aside their timetables, they decorated posters with gusto and witty captions. …


Student life in Helsinki

As Stephen Frain embarks upon his year abroad, his initial impressions in Finland have lived up to the Nordic ideal


It is indeed a unique and wonderful experience for this year’s freshers to walk through front arch and begin their college years. Starting your university life is a wonderful and special feeling that you will never experience again, or at …