Plant protein key to combating global warming?

Legumes such as peas, beans and lentils have been found to have the highest nutrient density and the lowest environmental production costs

New research from a collaborative European Union (EU) project TRUE – “Transition paths to sUstainable legume based systems in Europe” (TRUE) has implicated that plant protein is the key to combating hunger and mitigating against global warming. Legumes, such as


Number of British students applying to Irish colleges drops by 10%

The number of Irish students applying to UK universities has also dropped significantly

The number of British students applying to Irish universities has fallen by 10% in 2016, according to The Irish Times. The decrease is in response to a potential rise in fees following the Brexit vote, as British students may be


Trinity based research group awarded €560,000 to research 5G technology

The award is part of the €5m ORCA project to support the EU’s connectivity plan


A research group based at the CONNECT Centre in Trinity has been awarded €560,000 to research 5G technology.

The award is part of a €5m Orchestration and Reconfiguration Control Architecture (ORCA) project, which is funded by the European Union’s (EU)


Trinity, Ireland and Europe’s response to the greatest human rights disaster since WWII

Kevin Keane analyses our response to the refugee crisis and the phenomenon of “episodic outrage”


Europe is facing its worst humanitarian crisis since World War II; the refugee crisis is worsening, claiming more lives and ruining more families, every single day. And what have we done about it? As a society, extremely little. We have


EU Ambassador to US addresses Hist Inaugural on the future of Europe

Hist welcome David O’Sullivan, current ambassador of the European Union to the United States, to speak at their Inaugural


On Monday, the stoic splendour of Trinity’s Exam Hall paid host to the annual Hist Inaugural, the subject of which was Hist Auditor Ronan Mac Giolla Rua’s paper entitled “The Future of the European Union”. Over one hundred and fifty …


Walking across Europe on leather souls

In Greece, Tomas Lynch met people from Syria, Afghanistan and Iran, with stories of war, terror and hope for a better life


I was in Athens in August, talking to ordinary people in the streets and documenting their hopes and fears in the midst of the unending economic crisis that has hit that country. But on the streets of Athens I could …


TTIP of the Iceberg?

Feidhlim McGowan talks through the secrecy and doubt surrounding the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership


“Drugs are bad, m’kay?” One of the many memorable catchphrases in the comedy South Park, made by the teacher Mr. Mackey. Blunt statements like this are a convenient way to shut down discussion on a topic before pesky counterpoints are …


Syriza victory signifies monumental change

European political parties similar to Syriza could receive far greater popular support if it manages to have Greece’s debt written down and run the country without the austerity that has been sold to the Greek population.

comment1One of the most widely prevalent themes in reporting on Syriza’s victory in Greece is a vaguely defined sense that this marks the beginning of something important. Varying from article to article, we are told that this could indicate the …