Ethical fashion on the rise

Caoimhe Gordon investigates the rise of an eco-friendly mindset in the fashion industry

“Everybody’s buying far too many clothes.”

So announced eccentric British fashion designer, Vivienne Westwood in 2013. Urging consumers to opt for quality over quantity, Westwood was not attempting to cajole the general public to scrap together their pennies to purchase

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Something old, something borrowed, something Nu.

Founded by two Trinity graduates, Nu. is an ethical fashion start-up seeking to change the way we think about the fashion industry.

Nu., one of Dublin’s most influential players in the sustainable fashion sector, are reinventing the way we view and buy clothing. Having already hosted dozens of successful swap shops, the organisation have now launched an online sharing platform specifically for


The fashion industry makes us puppets of consumerism

We’re bombarded by marketing in almost every form of media, pushed to engage in faster and faster fashion.

I arrive at front gate in the morning. The route I take to the Hamilton depends on how I look that day. If it’s a good day I’ll barrel down past the Arts Building and the Berkeley. If I’m feeling


Sustainable Fashion Show takes place as part of University Green Week

The entrants had been tasked with putting together an outfit using “upcycling”- reusing discarded objects or material in a way which creates something of a higher value- or using any other environmentally sustainable technique.

On Thursday night, a ‘Sustainable Fashion Show’ was held in the Atrium as a part of the university’s Green Week.

The week was organised by the Green Campus Committee in collaboration with the environmental society in Trinity.

The entrants had


Fresher’s Week Monday with Trinity Ents

Ents’ Monday lineup provided a varied and exciting start to Freshers’ Week with Fashion Fest in the Pav and Baby Got Back in District 8



Trinity Ents kicked off Freshers’ Week yesterday with two events, ‘Fashion Fest’ in the Pav during the day, and the sold-out ‘Baby Got Back: Back to the 90s’ later that night in District 8.

Ents teamed up with the Fashion …