Transmasculine feminism, or “how to reconcile male privilege as a female to male feminist”

There are a lot of intersectional feminists who will give trans men free passes when it comes to acceptable feminist behaviour, passes that they would never give to cis men. I don’t accept these free passes.


I glance at my phone and see a red number – fifteen – in the corner of my Twitter app. I don’t even have to open it to know what I’m getting notifications about.

About a month ago I made


Identity politics stifles real debate

Identity politics, at its worst, it is a form of expression so easy, so blunt, and so social media compatible that it gets entered into thoughtlessly, supporting hostility to nuanced debate and dissenting opinions.

comment1Etes-vous Charlie? N’etes-vous pas Charlie? Are you a feminist? Are you not a feminist? Do you “check your privilege”? Or do you not understand whose privilege it is, exactly? Whatever your opinion, you’ve probably formulated an answer to one of …