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The Magician and Wild Youth take to the stage at Freshers’ Ball 2017

Headline acts The Magician and Wild Youth, as well as a basement silent disco, please the crowd at TCDSU Ents second night of the week.

After the lavish halls of Cafe En Seine were transformed into a retro rave by TCDSU Ents on Monday, they really outdid themselves by throwing the biggest freshers ball in the country on Tuesday night in the Academy as part …


Diary of a Fresher

As they recover from last night’s Freshers’ Ball, our writers learn that after a week of introduction, they have become hardy student party-goers

Thursday 22 September

Étáin Sweeney,  Junior Freshman Law and Political Science:

Thursday was kicked off by the infamous ‘Fresher’s Flu’ pestering my sleepy head in the early hours of the morning. Not a sound resonated through the Halls courtyard,


Glitter and romance at Freshers’ Ball

“Freshers will remember last night as the most memorable moment of their Fresher experience. Mainly because it will take a whole year to get the glitter out of their hair”

I began Wednesday evening, like every other evening, at a screening of Bridget Jones before being spontaneously offered a ticket to the biggest night of Freshers’ Week: the Freshers’ Ball.

Having missed my own Freshers’ Ball, I really didn’t know