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Who are they? Your Freshers’ Ents acts unravelled

Trinity Life takes a look at F R E S H, a collection of five official Freshers’nights out on one of the most high octane weeks of the year.

Dublin city boasts one of the most diverse, creative and welcoming music scenes in Europe, and the fine people over at Trinity Ents, with some help from various societies, have made it their business to showcase a slice of the

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Your top society picks for Freshers’ Week

Feeling overwhelmed by the vast amount of things to do this week? Look no further than our day by day guide to the best society events.


One of the first events of Freshers’ Week kicks off at 12pm, with “Debating 101” which will take place in the Hist conversation room. Whether you’re a first year or a final year, this is your chance to know

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Diary of a Fresher: Revisited

With Michaelmas term drawing to a close, we caught up with the not-so-fresh Freshers to see how they were faring a whole semester in


In September, a group of fresh-faced first-years shared their first days as college students. They documented their experiences – everything from the infamous “Freshers’ flu”, those drawn-out introductory lectures, and spending way too much on societies that they were likely


Diary of a Fresher

From friendly exchanges with taxi drivers, to strides of pride and even viewing Trinity through the lens of the seven deadly sins, our writers have had a week not hastily forgotten

Friday 23 September

Yasmin Underwood, Junior Freshman English and Classics:

   Moving from the forty-degree heat in the sandpit that is Dubai to the quaint metropolis of Dublin which features (what feels like) sub-zero temperatures has certainly been interesting, and has


Diary of a Fresher

As they recover from last night’s Freshers’ Ball, our writers learn that after a week of introduction, they have become hardy student party-goers

Thursday 22 September

Étáin Sweeney,  Junior Freshman Law and Political Science:

Thursday was kicked off by the infamous ‘Fresher’s Flu’ pestering my sleepy head in the early hours of the morning. Not a sound resonated through the Halls courtyard,


Glitter and romance at Freshers’ Ball

“Freshers will remember last night as the most memorable moment of their Fresher experience. Mainly because it will take a whole year to get the glitter out of their hair”

I began Wednesday evening, like every other evening, at a screening of Bridget Jones before being spontaneously offered a ticket to the biggest night of Freshers’ Week: the Freshers’ Ball.

Having missed my own Freshers’ Ball, I really didn’t know


Diary of a Fresher

As the week hits halfway point, our Freshers find themselves settling in and beginning to find their bearings in the city and at College

Wednesday 21 September:

Geoffrey Keating, Junior Freshman Nanoscience:

After sleeping past my first alarm this morning, waking only to a phone call from my parents, I eventually found it within myself to bring myself out of my cosy duvet and