Can we predict the results of an election using science?

Is it ever possible to accurately predict an election result using maths and science?

Elections and their outcomes can have major consequences on society for better or for worse. A new government can bring major changes and reforms to a country in a relatively short space of time. It is therefore unsurprising that people …


We need a grassroots movement against fees

It’s time for us to take our place in the international student movement against austerity and the corporatisation of our universities.

The current sabbatical elections come at a pivotal time for the Irish student movement. The Cassells Report on funding Irish higher education is, according to all reports, set to recommend a student loans system accompanied by an increase in fees.


Should students really vote for the Social Democrats?

After having been let down by Labour, can young voters trust another party to dance with the proverbial devil? Absolutely.

In the last five years, Ireland’s students have borne the brunt of the harsh policies of austerity implemented by the outgoing Fine Gael and Labour government. Increased student fees, reductions in maintenance grants and cutbacks within universities have all left


What recovery? Politics for the rest of us

“The Recovery” isn’t just disconcerting optimism and government spin. It’s a defence of the indefensible. It’s the cheery face of government policy that punishes poverty and entrenches deprivation and precarity.

For many the February 26 General Election looms large: pundits, politicos and beleaguered canvassers alike rabidly consume their daily drip of election coverage, ranging from poorly researched fiscal plans to increasingly grandiose Alan Kelly pronouncements.

The 2016 election will be

Politicians discuss the wellbeing of young people at pre-election debate on mental health

Issues should be a central part of any platform hoping to appeal to young people

NEWSAt a discussion on what actions parties would take on mental health issues if elected, the general consensus amongst panelists was that under-resourcing, early intervention and accurate and correct diagnosis would be the issues to tackle during the lifetime of