The developed world must not ignore climate change any longer

The G20’s dropping of climate change commitments symbolises the dangerous apathy towards humanity’s greatest threat

Last Saturday afternoon the G20 finance ministers gathered in Baden-Baden, Germany, for their annual summit. During these meetings, the wording of a joint statement on trade is usually agreed upon. This summit, however, resulted in some significant and surprising alterations


Donald Trump vs. Planet Earth

How one man’s Presidential bid threatens our planet’s future


As the November U.S. elections approach, the nightmarish thought of Donald Trump being elected to the White House has at times appeared a grim possibility. An average of popular Presidential polls (pre-Busgate) from across the US had placed Trump just …


Climate Change and Coffee

Caoimhe Gordon discusses how global warming is placing a student’s beverage of choice under threat


Every year, a similar trend emerges among the Trinity student body as the days begin to grow shorter. The temperature appears to be the only thing dropping faster than the average student’s enthusiasm to attend lectures. There only seems to …