Squash Inequality

William Foley talks to Mark Kelly, the founder of an organisation which seeks to address socioeconomic inequality through the medium of squash.


What is the link between squash and socioeconomic inequality? To many the sport has elitist connotations, depicted in films such as Manhattan and The Ploughman’s Lunch as being a preserve of bourgeois intellectuals and middle class professionals. Some, such as …


Funding imbalance in Trinity Sport

An investigation by TN into the potential funding imbalance in Trinity sport has given voice to the silent frustrations borne by women’s sports clubs, says Clare McCarthy.

in-depthTrinity College has 49 sports clubs, all of which are funded by DUCAC, the governing body for sports in Trinity. DUCAC’s aim is to further the interests of all sports clubs in Trinity College to the best of its ability