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Creatives in Trinity: An interview with Étáin

The singer-songwriter discusses her blossoming career

Hailing from the depths of Connacht, singer-songwriter Étáin has crafted a trademark songwriting style, and boasts a delicate yet commanding voice filled with light and shade. Speaking to Trinity News, she discusses the Trinity music scene, her inspiration and the


SU Presidential Race: Interview with Bryan Mallon

As the only Presidential candidate not currently involved with the SU, Mallon hopes to be a “bridge between” those inside and outside of the Union


Bryan Mallon is a Senior Sophister Irish Studies student from Co. Meath. Mallon is the current chairperson of DU GAA and vice-chair of the Fianna Fáil Wolfe Tone Cumann. Mallon frames himself as the “only non-Students’ Union candidate”. Referencing the


Kieran McNulty: Advice for my younger self

Transition Year student Alex Varley quizzes TCDSU President Kieran McNulty on everything from his pet peeves to bad college food


What happens when a Transition Year work experience student is given free reign to interview Student Union President Kieran McNulty? Think Desert Island Discs meets the last page of the Sunday Times magazine.

Q: What’s your standard morning routine?



When Jacobin comes to town

How and why does an American socialist magazine celebrate the 1916 centenary? Bhaskar Sunkara, editor of Jacobin Magazine, talks to Sarah Taaffe-Maguire about 1916 commemorations, student journalism and how to do good socialism

FEATURESIn the midst of March, right after Paddy’s day and as deadlines loom, it’s easy to forget that people are bothered about 1916. It should make you feel like we’re living in a cool part of time when Jacobin magazine


Permission to write

Online life, the abstraction of self and the role of the writer in engaging with our changing relationship with time and space: D. Joyce-Ahearne speaks to Trinity’s Writer Fellow Gavin Corbett.


“I loved those occasions in school when you’d be punished by having to write some story that the teacher thought was an ordeal but was actually great fun, like write six pages on the inside of a table tennis ball.


Coffee, grammar and a made up language spoken by real people

Irish Green Party founder Christopher Fettes, one of Ireland’s prominent Esperantists, won’t try to convert you, although he’s always open to a friendly chat, Conor O’Donovan and Maurice Casey find.


indepthBANNERAs soon as we take our seats opposite him, Christopher Fettes is sliding two copies of the best English-language Esperanto guide he’s found to date across the table. Though he distinguishes himself from the movement’s more evangelical contingent, as a …

The Life Aquatic- An Interview with the cast of Richard Ayoade’s Submarine

Aisling Deng Interviews Craig Roberts and Yasmin Paige about Richard Ayoade’s Submarine

“Between men and women there is no friendship possible. There is passion, enmity, worship, love, but no friendship,” proclaimed Oscar Wilde. Submarine is a coming of age film …