‘Persepolis’ creator Marjane Satrapi talks culture, religion and conservatism at the Phil

Clare Martin gives us an insight into the wise words of graphic novelist Marjane Satrapi, who spoke at the Phil yesterday afternoon upon receiving a Gold Medal of Honorary Patronage


Yesterday afternoon, the University Philosophical society awarded Iranian graphic novelist and film director Marjane Satrapi with the Gold Medal of Honorary Patronage. Satrapi is best known for writing and illustrating the award-winning comic book (she prefers this term to “graphic


Human cost of political strategies

Iran’s middle-class liberal youth, who are the spring of hope for the emergence of any type of secular progressive Iranian state, are having their futures crippled by the international community.

comment1Our author travelled to Iran in 2014, but wishes to remain anonymous due to government restrictions on journalists and visas.

Karaj is a large wealthy suburb of Tehran. Officially, due to the latest redrawing of boundaries, Karaj is actually the …


Lifting the veil of misunderstanding

Countries like Iran are changing much faster than a lot of people realise. Even those who grew up elsewhere in the Middle East are surprised by what they find.

Amidst all of the shuffling and impatient immigrants in a dull and somewhat claustrophobic room in the Garda National Immigration Bureau, I begin to seek some sort of inspiration for writing this article. I begin to realise the diversity of …