Analysing Ireland’s high third level dropout rates

InDepth editor Peter O’Donovan takes a look at why 1 in 6 college students drop out before the end of their first year



“Approximately 1 in 6 students who start a college course are likely to leave the course before the end of first year”


The number of students studying at Irish third level institutions has risen dramatically in the past 50


Students from fee-paying secondary schools are 4 times more likely to get a place in Trinity

Analysis of feeder school data illustrates Trinity’s place in the Irish educational divide


The most recent data on “feeder” schools to third-level institutions has illustrated Trinity’s place within the Irish educational divide.

Students who attend one of the country’s 51 fee-paying schools are more than four times more likely to attend Trinity than

National Media Conference 2013: A round up

James Prendergast

Staff Writer

The Irish Times editor, Kevin O’Sullivan, has warned student journalists not to engage in “muck-raking.” Student writers have a tendency, O’Sullivan claimed, to be “delightfully oblivious” to defamation rules. Their actions could put student media at …