Trinity team win Jailbreak 2017

2nd Year students Liam Cronin and Mark Perham reached Location X in San Marino just before 5pm this evening

A Trinity team made up of two 2nd Year Business Studies and French students has won Jailbreak 2017. Liam Cronin and Mark Perham reached Location X just before 5pm this evening.

The mysterious location was revealed to be the Second …


Jailbreak teams raise €46,929 during first 12 hours of race

Travelling as far as Poland, the teams are now scattered across ten countries and still on the hunt for “Destination X”

Following an eventful 12 hours, Jailbreak HQ has released the third clue of the race, bringing the 166 teams one step closer to “Destination X”.

The clue read: “Most of you have left the Emerald Isle, Whilst many are outside


More than 166 students race around the world for Jailbreak

College students have 36 hours to reach a secret location revealed in a series of clues

Today 166 third level students are taking part in the iconic Jailbreak race. The competition started this morning at 9am from Collins Barracks, Dublin. In teams of two, the students have 36 hours to travel to a mystery location somewhere …