On coming last in Jailbreak

Team Seán and Ste came last in this year’s competition after setting themselves the challenge of only travelling in a westerly direction.

indepthIt was 3am and neither of us knew what we were going to do. The fact was, without travel sponsorship, we were going to be getting nowhere. So we went anyway. The Jailbreak mindset is a strange one, and not …

€58k raised as Trinity team wins Jailbreak 2015

Third-year students Hugh Weldon and Ahmad Mu’azzam arrived at Lake Bled seven hours before the final deadline.

newsThe winners of Jailbreak 2015 have been announced as Trinity students Ahmad Mu’azzam and Hugh Weldon.

The two-third year mechanical engineering students fought off competition from 81 others teams to arrive in Lake Bled at around 1pm today, seven hours