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Coachellaw: a club night with a cause

As the annual Law Day came to a close, Law Soc hosted an exciting festival-themed club night in aid of Saoirse Women’s Refuge

The (painfully) cleverly-titled Coachellaw wrapped up an action packed Maples Law Day last night, Thursday 24 February, in the newly reopened South William bar on South William Street. Law Day itself proved a tremendous success, despite the temporary threat of

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FW De Klerk on Jacob Zuma, the Nobel Peace Prize and apartheid laws at LawSoc

LawSoc hosted FW De Klerk who spoke about his time as president of South Africa, the struggle to end apartheid, and his Nobel Peace Prize award

trinity-lifeOn Wednesday, Frederik Willem De Klerk came to speak at an event held by Trinity’s Law Society. The former president of South Africa, who oversaw the transition away from the apartheid system, gave an engaging talk on freedom and equality


Jeremy Paxman at Law Soc: Unafraid of saying exactly what he was thinking

Shane Kenneally reports on Paxman’s visit to Law Soc last Friday afternoon


The GMB’s peach interior walls began to bulge from the size of the crowd prior to Jeremy Paxman’s talk delivered to the Law Society last Friday, November 4. There was a peculiar uncertainty emerging in idle chatter overheard in snippets …


LawSoc Welcomes Making a Murderer Attorneys

Dean Strang and Jerry Buting speak about the Justice system and the netflix show to a packed audience in Goldsmith Hall


LawSoc welcomed Dean Strang and Jerry Buting to a packed out Goldsmith hall to discuss their involvement with the Netflix series, Making a Murderer.

The series, which premiered last December, centres around the case of Steven Avery who was convicted


Flying solo: coming to Trinity alone

Here some of the best events to attend during Freshers’ Week if you’re coming to Trinity alone.

Deciding to go to college is a massive decision. A new city, new people, a new home, a new environment. All of this can be extremely daunting, but is also beyond exciting! Here’s a collection of some of the go-to


Trinity team wins Jailbreak 2016

Michael and Aoife, ‘The Absolute Chancers’, were first to reach Kościuszko Mound in Krakow

Jailbreak 2016 has seen a Trinity team come in first place. Michael McGrath and Aoife Curtin were the first of 90 competing teams to reach Kościuszko Mound in Krakow. Just as the winning team was announced, the goal of 50,000 …